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Colorful Vanity

This particular vanity has been stored in a storage unit for the last 15 years at least!!! This is why I love what I do! Being a part of bringing an old and discarded piece of furniture from the dark and hidden spaces of the world..... into the light, to be adored and cherished like this colorful vanity..... is a really fulfilling thing for me!

Colorful Vanity by Tracey’s Fancy

This piece is also special as it will be a gift from Santa..... to my fourth grandchild. She asked for a vanity.... where she can sit and play in "all things girl"! Her momma asked for bright and playful colors..... and a style that will grow with her. She is only four.... so I think she will be able to enjoy this for YEARS before she gets too much of an opinion about it. Which is exactly what happened to it the first time..... her mom used this as a child and then decided she didn't like it anymore..... so it basically went to a vanity burial (!

I'm going to list the steps and products that I used.  The products will also be listed at the shop section at the bottom of this blog.  There is also a You Tube video available for all you video lovers!  The video actually shows HOW to do all the techniques described here.

  1. Cleaned with White Lighting and removed years of dirt and grime..... and showed evidence of wood tannins..... so I primer was necessary.

  2. Primed with Boss Gray (my fave) using the brush roller method.

  3. Painted the frame with a blend of Peacock and The Gulf ..... keeping Peacock heavier around the bottom of the legs and feet. The Gulf is used more at the top of the frame.

Colorful Vanity by Tracey’s Fancy
  1. Painted the side panels in Flamingo.... as a base coat for the Houndstooth stencil.

  2. Stenciled the Houndstooth pattern using three colors of pink..... Soft Pink, Peony and Plum Crazy. The result is four colors when you include the Flamingo coral color.

  1. Stenciled an overlay using Gold Gilding Wax and the Greek Key stencil just to add more visual interest on the sides.... layering is always good!

  1. Painted the bottom drawer fronts in Lucky Lavendar and created alternating stripes with Blueberry (one of my fave colors). Painted the top drawers with The Gulf as a backdrop for the planned leopard pattern.

  1. Using metal leaf adhesive..... I painted dots of glue to the drawer fronts and left to dry for 30 minutes. I then applied gold leaf to the drawer fronts over the tacky adhesive.... and then brushed away..... revealing leopard spots! I then followed up with a tiny brush and Caviar to outline my leopard spots.

  1. I taped off the outer edge of the top drawers to create a checkered pattern.... and painted with Peacock. I then used a tiny liner brush and painted the accent inset with a tiny pin stripe of Peony.

  2. I used the Silk Screen Stencil called Patterns to apply the tiny polka dots with Peony just above the drawers. I love this addition of tiny detail! No detail overlooked ever!!

  1. The center of the vanity is painted in Peony and accented the inside with Flamingo. I love using Flamingo and Peony together. So much so that I chose to use this pairing on the top surface!

  1. Using a roller I painted the top in two coats of Flamingo. I then painted a combo of Peony and Plum Crazy..... randomly..... with a brush..... and then used the Wood Graining Tool to create the funky wood pattern! I repeated this process row by row and it really just pulled this entire vanity together! I am super pleased with that top surface!

  1. Lastly..... I chose to accent the art deco trim work on the front using the metal leaf adhesive and gold leafing! It added just the right touch of glam!

  1. The entire piece will be sealed with Top Coat in Satin.... and the top surface will get a coat or two of Gator Hide for extra protection!

And how about that hardware??? Those candy-crusted rhinestone beaded drawer pulls in all the right colors are absolute perfection!!!

This piece has an attached mirror that I haven't painted yet. But I couldn't wait to share the vanity with you NOW! I cannot WAIT for Santa to deliver this to Kinsey Blake!!!


For your convenience, the products listed here are what I used for this blog! Dixie Belle Paint Company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on the product's photo. It will take you to the page for purchasing! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list HERE.

Here's how it works...these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog.....then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you! It doesn't cost you any more to use my links....and the support helps me to bring you new projects! So I thank you in advance!!!


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