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Cowboy Grunge Bar

I've titled this piece of furniture my "cowboy grunge bar".....even though it will be no where near the country or a barn or a rodeo or a horse! It's headed to the BEACH!

A client asked me to reface this bar.....and to make sure it would fit nicely into a newly built beach house! My client's only request was yellow or turquoise....and for it to be distressed! This thing was massive! Just huge and masculine....and I could not bring myself to paint it yellow! Turquoise is it! * This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here.

So I pulled out several of my turquoise shades from Dixie Belle Paint.....and got to work blending! All products and paint colors used are listed in my shop section below. The popular "color blending" technique was the perfect finish for this bar....with the multiple panels serving as opportunities for the "highlighted" look. I incorporated yellow into the blues.....grungy wax into the corners.....and drops of water to add a "tainted" look to the piece. The edges were distressed with sand paper....but very lightly. I felt the grungy wax offered a distressed look on its own....without actually needing to expose raw wood. I am always impressed by the "before and after" photos. They really help to show what is possible with a little paint and an imagination. The top surface of the bar will see a lot of use....or at least I hope it will!!! I knew it needed more protection than a wax or typical polycrylic sealer. So I chose to seal with Gator Hide by Dixie Belle. It is a WATER-REPELLANT polycrylic sealer for high traffic...heavy use areas! And's a BAR, for goodness sake! Color blending is really so much fun to try! Multiple colors used create a gorgeous finish with depth! It is never easy to say goodbye to furniture that I've spent more time on than usual....and this was one of them! The time I spend painting and creating is "my happy".....and I can only hope that the family that trusted me to paint this piece.....enjoys it as much as I did!


The products listed here are exactly what I used on this bar. Dixie Belle Paint company offers great products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level is!

I have two other grungy finishes you that you may enjoy! Just click on the picture to see more!

If you would like to paint your own furniture....but lack confidence with where to start....I offer furniture design consultation!  Contact me here and we can get you started on your next project!

Would you like to see more of my unique art designs, fancy furniture makeovers and insight into my design process?! Sign up to get my emails here. See you next week! XOXO, Tracey

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