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Terracotta pot makeover

Let me show you how to brighten up your outdoor space with this terracotta pot makeover project!

It's that time of year! Spring has sprung here in Texas and as usual, the Bellion house is way behind the curve of freshening things up outdoors! We do this every year..... we have great intentions..... but miss the "tolerable" temperature window to be outside.... and before we know it the sun is scorching and we just can't handle the heat..... and the projects just don't get done!!

Well this year is going to be different! We are in the EARLY stages of planning a pool.... which means our outdoor space needs a little love!

Terracotta plant pot makeover with WoodUBend & patina | Tracey's Fancy

Pots... planters..... vases..... pottery..... whatever you want to call them. It was Matt's idea (y'all.... he's freaking me out with all this extra energy).... so once again... I couldn't get the supplies together fast enough!

He chose one of the many pots we have outdoors.... and it happens to be a very small one! They are all made of clay....... range from orange to brown.... and are about 15 years old at least!!

He washed the pot down the night before with White Lightning and let it dry overnight. He chose a color pallet of blues/greens in hopes to add some color to our backyard. We don't have flowering plants (or any plants for that matter) as we have large herds of free-roaming deer and they eat anything that resembles a flower or fruit!!

Before painting..... Matt applied a pair of WoodUBend (WUB) moulds AND a large WUB trim piece around the neck of the pot.... using Tite Bond wood glue. This added great focal and interest for our planned aged patina look.

Wood U Bend molds are very easy to use and help to create unique pieces for your home! You can watch this video for detailed instructions to use WoodUBend moulds. If you have never tried them. you really should! Once applied you can move on with your paint project immediately.... there is no wait time!!!

The pot was painted from the bottom up....with a single coat of In the Navy by Dixie Belle Paint. This was blended into a coat of their gorgeous Cobalt Blue for the mid-section. He topped the pot with Dixie Belles Patina Collection in BRONZE.

When using the patina paint.... it is important to understand you must paint one coat of metallic paint and let it dry completely. You then follow that with a second coat of your metallic paint and immediately spray your reactive spray of choice over the WET paint. This will give you the reaction that you are after..... so let's say it one more time...... spray over your SECOND coat of WET metallic paint!

Terracotta plant pot makeover with WoodUBend & patina | Tracey's Fancy

So with that fully understood..... Matt applied BOTH the GREEN and the BLUE patina spray to the wet metallic BRONZE paint. There are various achievable looks you can create using these products.... depending on the color of paint and spray you choose.

With a selection of Copper, Bronze and Iron paint.... and Blue and Green reactive spray..... no final look is ever the same!

Terracotta plant pot makeover with WoodUBend & patina | Tracey's Fancy

To get more details about the different patina reactions, click over to my blog dedicated to All Things Patina...including a SUPER helpful patina reactive guide.

We left the pot to dry overnight..... but the reactive spray began to show changes almost immediately. The true reaction was not fully visible for about 4 hours! It is like watching a science experiment.... and is so much fun! We love it! What do you think of this plant pot makeover?

Terracotta plant pot makeover with WoodUBend & patina | Tracey's Fancy

The next day, I found Matt painting a LARGE 4.5' pot without even consulting me first!

He loves this paint!!! In fact.... our other pots are on hold because he's used up my Patina Collection stash..... so I've had to place an order for more!

The pot is now protected with Gator Hide.... which is Dixie Belle's most hardy topcoat with a water-resistant quality.... making it the perfect protection for your outdoor painted projects!

Terracotta plant pot makeover with WoodUBend & patina | Tracey's Fancy

One of my FB friends mentioned having him come to her home and paint her outdoor light fixtures in this finish and I LOVE that idea..... except for my own fixtures!! LOL! Sooooooo...... I'm assuming that project is now in our future!

I hope you'll give this a try! Don't forget..... I've listed the products below so you can order directly from my link! Dixie Belle is so kind to give me a portion of all sales that come from my affiliate link! It really does make a girl happy to be supported by my Fancy Family.... and it really drives me to continue to push inspiring content your way!!! So thank you...... so much.

Shop: Terracotta Pot Makeover

Now that you've learned how to paint terracotta pots, you are ready to try it yourself. The products listed here are what I used for these plant pot makeover projects! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Here's how it works...these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog.....then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you! It doesn't cost you any more to use my links....and the support helps me to bring you new projects! So I thank you in advance!!!

Tracey's Fancy Leopard & Patina Furniture Tutorial

See you next week!

XOXO, Tracey

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Terracotta plant pot makeover with WoodUBend & patina | Tracey's Fancy
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