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Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge

Most of you know that I am a Brand Ambassador for Dixie Belle Paint Company.

What this means is......     

  1. I am passionate about their products and choose to use them exclusively in my business.     

  2. I am invited to travel and teach others about their products.     

  3. I am able to promote their products and earn commissions from sales when my readers use my affiliate link to purchase online.     

  4. I have the privilege of working alongside an amazing and select group of humans around the world from the furniture painting industry.

This amazing and select group......are referred to as The Dixie Belle Brand Ambassadors!

Digital art design credit for this group image...which I LOVE.... belongs to Cheryl of Cece Restyled

We recently rallied together to try and lift spirits during this time of social isolation.....via LIVE video....all at once....on screen.....for a furniture painting challenge!

The jest of it was:

  1.  we painted under the stress of a five-minute timer in increments for SIX rounds.....      

  2. we were limited to the color that was called out to us...     

  3. we had to use that single color for the entire five minutes....     

  4. we were allowed two bonus colors of choice.....

It was a hot mess of a blast and without a doubt we plan to do this again!  If you missed the live video you can catch the replay of the circus here.  (warning.....although there were no curse words and no one was harmed during the 30 minutes....we may or may not have coined the phrase #tittypink....sorry...not sorry....things happen during stress....right Leah?)

Today I want to share with you our completed pieces.  We were allowed to finish them after the video ended.  We also agreed that embellishments could be added such as design transfers, gilding waxes, stencils etc.....just no additional paint colors!

This was not only FUN....but a FABULOUS example of what can be done with the same color palette....and a little (or a lot) of individuality thrown in the mix.  You can see subtle similarities and blatant differences.  Each piece is unique in its own way....which is what we strive for when inspiring others as Brand Ambassadors!  We work hard to share with you....our ideas and hopes that it will encourage you to discover your own painting journey!

Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | AJ's Vintage Design
Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | Lotus Theory Design
Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | Brushed by Brandy
Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | CeCe Restyled
Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | Bella Renovare
Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | Leah Noelle Design Co
Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | Mustard Tree Market
Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | The Top Drawer RVA
Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador Challenge | Tracey's Fancy

I have a whole blog dedicated to this incredible horse that you can see here.

Also, I encourage you to check out the FB page of each of the artists and follow along if you aren't already!  They are not only passionate about painting....they are also strong and warm-hearted women that strive to add love, light, and value to their social media family every single day!  I know most of us could use a little more love and light!

I am so very thankful to Dixie Belle Paint Company for bringing these people into my world!  I am reminded daily just how lucky I really am!



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