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DIY sliding barn door to replace the dreaded pocket door

Welcome to my bedroom.....AGAIN!

I never knew I'd invite so many people into our private space....but our projects get me so fired up....that I can't NOT share them with you!

This weeks project.....our new DIY sliding barn door! As in.....bye-bye-non-descript-always-annoying pocket door!

DIY sliding barn door by Tracey's Fancy

Somehow I managed to NOT get before photos of the plain wall with the simple pocket door....but from the photo above can see the door frame. The pocket door simply slid out from that door frame and filled that space. This wall divides our master bath from our bedroom. I've wanted a pretty sliding door system there for years....but you know....other projects!

So all started with just those few boards you see below.....a little white paint....and an Amazon order!

The entire project was $150. So do not let anyone tell you differently! The 10 planks (1 x 6's) were $8 each. The hardware rolling system was $39.99. The handle was $20.99. We used my Dixie Belle paint in Cotton, BOSS primer in white, Top Coat in gloss, wood filler, wood glue and screws that we already had....and that was it!

Matt worked on this DIY sliding barn door project in several phases over about a weeks time. Had our schedule been less hectic he probably could have finished this in two afternoons.

DIY sliding barn door by Tracey's Fancy

The rolling system came with great instructions and was very easy to install. It makes NO noise at all when opening or closing which is really nice because our pocket door was STUPID loud!!!

I LOVE the handle!!! It is huge...but the door is really anything smaller would have looked out of place. It just feels good in your hand!

I am very thankful for one of my Facebook she is the one that shared the rolling system and handle with me! She actually built her door ALL by herself and it looked amazing!

The photo below shows how it looks with the door closed. I love it sooooo sooo much! I really wish we would have made the time to do this sooner! And because I know someone will ask.....we left the pocket door in the wall!

DIY sliding barn door by Tracey's Fancy

Want to see what is on the other side of the room?? Check out my master bedroom dressing room . Sounds fancy doesn't it!!

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See you next week!



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