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Fairy Tale Nursery Table

Say hello to the cutest little side table EVERRRRRR!

I am currently working on a bright and colorful baby nursery with my daughter in law….and I cannot wait to share the final reveal with you! But it isn't quite ready…so until then…I thought I could share this super easy project…and maybe you would love it as much as I do!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links of which I could make a small commission if you decide to purchase. Please note that you will not be paying extra to use these links and I am not paid to represent any of these products. I only blog about the products I use myself and recommend those!

Nursery Book Table | Tracey's Fancy

I started with this side table from Hobby Lobby. I actually have one in my home. It sits about 2 ft tall and is the perfect size for next to a chair. Elyse plans to use it next to her rocker in the nursery. It has five drawers and is quite versatile. BUT it is DARK and DREARY!!!! Very "old world" and not fit for this color concoction happy vibe we've got going on!

Fairy Tale Nursery End Table | Tracey's Fancy

When Elyse asked me to paint a fun little table for the nursery….I was actually sitting next to mine…and it just hit me!!! WHA-WHAAT? Oh my gosh, YES! I'll paint one of these stacked book tables to look like fairy tale books!!!! It was one of those projects that just made me get all crazy excited and I couldn't get it started fast enough!

I wasn't sure what was used to originally paint or stain the table….so I chose to spray the entire piece with Kilz primer….just to keep it from bleeding through my chalk type paint that I would be using. Just one quick sprayed coat all over and done!

I used a piece of fabric from the bedding to determine my paint color choices from Heirloom Traditions Paint Company. (All supplies used will be listed at the end in my shop section for easy ordering, but you can also find them in my Amazon influencer list here.)

Book one : Marilyn's Lipstick with Razzmataz Staining Gel Top Coat (no longer available)

Book two: Naval

Book three: Hibiscus

Book four: Mint Julep (no longer available)

When painting with Heirloom Traditions Paint (for typing purposes let's call it HTP)….you rarely need to prime or prep your piece more than a simple cleaning. The paint adheres to the surface easily and is highly resistant to chipping once sealed properly. I advise to use a primer if you are unsure what the surface is made of…what it has been painted with prior….or if you feel it has wood tannins that will bleed through the porous chalk type paint.

So two simple coats of each color to each book and DONE! Oh wait…the top book…was a little different. Currently HTP does not offer a DEEP fuchsia paint color (crazy since they have a gazillion choices!!). But they do offer one of my favorite products….. Aurora Staining Gels….in Razzmatazz. It is a gel stain product that enhances any surface that it is used on. I wiped on one simple coat of Razzmatazz over the painted top book….and it instantly became a deep fuchsia just like I needed! I've used this same technique on my pink Peacock dresser …you can check that out here. (Update: this gels are no longer available but I'm hearing Unicorn Spit is the best replacement. I haven't blogged about it yet, but take a look at those colors here.)

Ok..let's move on to the words and designs on the binding of the books.

I usually freehand….but for "sharing" purposes I felt it would be better if I used a technique that EVERYONE could do…since sooooo many of you complain that you simply cannot freehand letters! So….I pulled out my favorite IOD stamps and got busy! I actually used IOD black ink on this project. But it took a long time to dry…and really wasn't necessary. I understand the need for ink when doing textiles like pillow or napkins…but paint would have worked just as well and would have dried faster too!

I used the crowns, the angels, the scroll work and this alphabet ….IOD offers a wide variety of stamps that work well together! Simply pour your paint onto a dish or into a bowl…and use a sponge to dip into the paint and then blot it onto your stamp….or in this case I squirted my ink onto my ink pad and blotted my stamp directly onto the ink pad.

Fairy Tale Nursery End Table | Tracey's Fancy

You can see in this pic here how just the raised portion of the stamp "e" accepted the ink….

Fairy Tale Nursery End Table | Tracey's Fancy

Then place that stamp exactly where you want the letter and firmly press.

Fairy Tale Nursery End Table | Tracey's Fancy

I did this for each and every book binder! It was so quick and easy! And they look SO legit!!! Don't you think???

And now just look at it here in the room! It doesn't even look like the same set of books! It's cheerful and fun and happy…just like the nursery!

I sealed the table with General Finishes Top coat in Satin for lasting durability….and to sustain much anticipated abuse from baby Kinsey and baby Kinsey's momma…no doubt!

Nursery Book Table | Tracey's Fancy

I'll reveal her final nursery soon! (You can see another nursery I designed here and if you're interested in your own nursery design help please contact me for a consultation and I will help you design it!)

I've put together a "shop now" section for you below that will direct you to any and everything you need to transform that cast away mirror in your storage shed!


I used Heirloom Traditions Paint Company for this project. It is a Kentucky-based company….led by an incredible team…with an amazing paint product. A few other links below may be affiliate links for your shopping convenience... thank you! You can find all of these products in my Amazon influencer list.

If you want to admire more of my stamping projects and learn more about stamping, look at these pieces:

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