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Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest

I took this blanket chest to my live broadcast for crowd sourcing ideas for decoupage papers and paint colors.

The winning choice online was the Surfs Up decoupage paper.....and a soft vintage green for the overall color! These choices, together, made for a stunning coastal furniture makeover! I just love what my incredible online community helped create....let me talk you through the process.

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!


Before the Coastal Furniture Makeover

Matt thought I'd lost my mind when he arrived at the thrift store to pick this blanket chest up for me.  He even sent a photo of it to double check he was picking up the correct item. 

I'm not sure what it was that I was drawn to because it certainly wasn't the style or that heavy tweed 1970's fabric!

before coastal furniture makeover

I think it was the size.....and possibly the nostalgia of a "hope chest"


Do girls still have hope chest today? I know Zadie doesn't.....and maybe I dropped the ball on that. I have one that was handmade by my bonus dad and I will treasure it always!

Regardless, I'm calling this a blanket chest!

Supplies Used: Surfs Up Blanket Chest

Fabric of Choice

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This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surf's Up Blanket Chest

So let's talk about my process and what I did to get from this.... to THIS!

Prepping for Paint & Paper

Matt removed the cushioned top.

blanket chest before coastal furniture makeover

I cleaned and primed the piece really well prior to priming with Bonding Boss White.

hand holding bonding boss in front of coastal furniture makeover

I removed the handles from the faux drawers.  

I used Dixie Belle Mud in white to fill the holes from the removed hardware as I chose not to replace them.  

hand holding dixie belle mud in front of coastal furniture makeover

The mud dries pretty fast...and once dry you should sand it smooth.  

blanket chest primed with bonding boss

Applying the Decoupage Paper

I trimmed my Surfs Up decoupage papers to fit where I wanted to place them such as the VW Bus in the middle section and palm trees and surf boards for the left and right faux drawers.  

coastal furniture makeover by Traceys Fancy with one decoupage paper applied

Using Dixie Belle's Clear Coat in Satin for my decoupage adhesive I applied each trimmed sheet using the same technique I always use for decoupage:

  1. brush on small section of  top coat

  2. apply paper starting at the top

  3. smooth out that section using a ball of saran wrap

  4. move down to next section and repeat above. 

Check out these close ups!! Coastal Furniture Makeover perfection....

Paint Blending on Coastal Furniture Makeover

Once all papers were in place I began my paint on the body.

This finish is a blend of many colors....which was necessary to match well to this sepia finish of the decoupage paper.  

You can see the sepia color I was trying to achieve on the left side of the chest below...

blanket chest makeover with sepia finish

I will list them below and explain the order at which I applied them. 

I painted the body in Sea Glass and let dry.

Once dry I added another light coat of Sea Glass....and while still wet I blended in Weeping Willow for the perfect green for this Surfs Up Paper.

blending of sea glass and weeping willow on side of blanket chest

I then used a dry brush technique in both horizontal and vertical strokes.... sort of imitating linen fabric.

I did this first with Pine Cone....allowed to dry....and followed with Drop Cloth.  

finished dry brush technique on coastal furniture makeover

For lasting protection, I coated the entire body with the same satin top coat that I used with the decoupage process! 

Changing out the Legs Completed the Design!

When it was completely painted I decided I wanted the skirt removed!

The skirt is the bottom scalloped trim that just dated the piece....and I wanted a cool vibe!

So I had Matt pop that skirt off...which was SO easy....he basically hit it with a hammer from the underneath back side.

removing skirt on underneath of coastal blanket chest

And THEN he added these adorable hair pin legs!

man adding hair pin legs to underside of coastal inspired blanket chest

This changed the look of this piece instantly!

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy before changing fabric top

Replacing the Top Cushion

All that was left was the top cushion!

So we demonstrated this during another Wednesday night live broadcast!

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy before fabric change on top

So easy.....popped off all the old staples.

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy with top removed for replacement

Trimmed the new fabric and stapled in place!

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy

This mattress ticking was recommended by someone watching the live broadcast and I am SO glad they had that vision because it gives it such a beach camp vibe!! 

The Finished Look: Surfs Up Blanket Chest

I think this is SO cute!

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy

It makes me want a beach house!!

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy vw van close up

I would park this cutie right inside the front door to toss my beach bag on when I walked in...and even better I would store beach towels in it....making it easy to grab on the way out!  

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy palm tree close up

Matt loves it too! He thinks it would look great in a beach themed room at the foot of the bed!  

Coastal Furniture Makeover: Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy surfboard close up

I LOVE doing projects with you all! 

We make the best choices as a group!

We could have taken this final finish in so many different directions....but I honestly believe this finish looks exactly as it should!

Bye bye 1970's hope chest....and hello recycled 2024 sustainable furniture art!!

More Inspiration:

I pulled a few blogs from past projects that came to mind when working on this piece! I hope you can use them to draw inspiration for your upcoming project. Here are the additional designs for your inspiration:  

Click on any photo below for more up-close photos and all the design details


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coastal furniture makeover Surfs Up Blanket Chest by Traceys Fancy

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