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A Sunset-Inspired Painted Blanket Trunk

I was recently inspired by my TV screen saver! LOL!

Not kidding....this ROKU screen saver on my TV...that just floats around all evening and I can't NOT stop and stare at it every single time I walk through the family room! So much so....that I found myself dreaming about WHAT piece I could lay the colors down on!

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

I remembered this oversized cedar chest that I've had in inventory for several years! It offered me nice panels to highlight...and seemed to be a reasonable size to I knew I'd make this piece available to purchase once completed. (side sold in less than 48 hours once shared on social media...and is shipping to Kentucky!!)

So I pulled shades from my Dixie Belle Paint....and got to work! (all products listed below)

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

And THIS happened!!!!

Isn't it FUN????? I really really really LOVE it sooooo much!!!! My favorite colors have always been those of the sunset.....and I've never painted them together on ONE piece. I don't know why it took the ROKU screen saver to inspire me....but whatever!

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

I did not take photos of the "step-by-step" process....but I did take a few progress shot that I will share here.

I did fully prime the piece (which you saw above in all white) with BOSS in white by DBP.

The piece had previously been painted a bubble gum pink and the sealer had yellowed greatly. I just wanted it to be fully covered and prepped well...and chose to prime it....even though it was probably not necessary.

I also did not have a DBP in purple in my I got crafty and mixed my Cobalt Blue with Honky Tonk Red and made my own!! Since posing this piece on social media I have had multiple request to offer a tutorial in making and blending the colors. Be sure to sign up for my email here so you will be notified when this becomes available.

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

I really wanted this piece to represent MY brand....and MY vision...which usually means "black and white" and mixed I went with a harlequin top and striped trims.

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

I do not usually tape off my harlequin patterns....but in preparation for a LIVE video for DBP I did so this time. It does take a lot of extra time....but it offers VERY crisp and easy diamond shapes....and is pretty much fail why not, right?

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

Here is my Live with Dixie Belle Paint Company

The rest of these photos are just "show off" pics.....eye candy!

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

I had no trouble at all deciding on details and accents. It just called to me for metallic gold....and more in depth shading on corners and trims.

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

The blended paint just gives it a life that can't really be explained unless you try the technique for yourself. It is a very "freeing" and empowering painting style with no rules!

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

Trust me....If I had room for this in my would have stayed! The only thing that makes it easy to let it how kind the lady is who purchased it.

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

This chest will sit proudly in her front foyer....right at the entry to her home!! Front and center as soon as people come through her door! How flattering is that??? And practically offers great storage and even extra seating for that it's really kind of a perfect fit!

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

It was so much fun to paint a piece of furniture "just because"!!! I really need to do it more often!

I encourage you to do the same! Just find something that makes you WANT to paint...and give it a shot! You can't mess's ONLY paint!!!! And if you choose Dixie Belle Paint.....your project will be that much more successful...and much less stressful....I promise!

See you next week! I've got something CRAZY fun up my sleeve to share with you!!



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