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My NINE Favorite Furniture Transfers

I'm so ready to show you my NINE Favorite Furniture Transfers and here is why....

I often hear that my hand painted furniture designs are too intricate....or too difficult......and many feel intimidated by them. My goal as a teacher and a blogger is to inspire others!!! So when I hear about this response to my work it really makes me sad. It is my hope to motivate others to tap into their own creative ideas and hon their matter how new or beginner those skills may be.

Tracey Bellion

So......let's talk furniture design transfers!!! I began using transfers about a year ago! I struggled with this at first as I took pride in the fact that the artwork on my furniture was all done by MY HAND! But I also take pride in teaching others....and I realized that the design transfers had the ability to empower many painters with confidence to create something beautiful without needing a whole lot of skill!!!

If you can paint even just one color on furniture......and apply a design transfer to that painted can look like a masterpiece!!! And THEN....when you get really can blend colors and layer transfers and REALLY start throwing your skills around!

Enough with the back story. Lol. Let me share with you my favorite furniture transfers and how I'm used them.


My Very First Furniture Transfer: Chatellerault

My very first design transfer project, Old World Whimsical Painted Vanity, was special!!! I painted a family heirloom! This small vanity/writing desk belonged to my mother. I painted it and gave it to my aunt (her sister).


I used the Chatellerault transfer by ReDesign with Prima over a very detailed painting technique. Click HERE for more details about the process including a video and many more photos.

Favorite Furniture Transfers by Traceys Fancy


My Favorite Furniture Transfer: Patchwork

My favorite design transfer project is no doubt from my Whimsical Boho Gypsy Armoire! The Patchwork design transfer really speaks to me with its bold colors and whimsical chaos and of course the touch of leopard! It's a huge project....but notice how I only used the transfer on the focal point...the upper door sections. That set the tone for the overall piece. See more of this piece HERE.

Favorite Furniture Transfers by Traceys Fancy


"Not-My-Typical" Design Transfer: Monarch Grace

My most "out of the box" and "not my typical" style piece to use a design transfer on was the Butterfly Bombe Chest. It is a very abstract piece and the option to use the Monarch Grace transfer really took the final look to another level of creativity! See more on my Butterfly Bombe Chest blog HERE. You can get more up close photos of this textured elegance and watch a video of the process.

Favorite Furniture Transfers by Traceys Fancy


Farmhouse Furniture Transfer: French Ceramics

One color that I rarely use is yellow.......I'm not really sure why! Oddly enough I've used yellow on not one but TWO pieces with design transfers. They are extremely different which I really like as it shows the diversity of the transfer product.

The Soft Yellow Farmhouse Buffet is soft and subtle......and very cheerful.....and showcases the French Ceramics transfer really well.

French Ceramics

And again....the same buffet, Bold Yellow Farmhouse Buffet, was done originally with the checked Floral Lover transfer AND the French Ceramics transfer .....for a more bold look. I love how with a few small changes it gets a completely different look.

Favorite Furniture Transfers by Traceys Fancy

Both of these pieces can be seem in more detail HERE and HERE.


Boho Design Transfers: Passion Flower & In Flight

The other yellow piece was the Boho Bed showcasing two transfers.....the floral sprigs and the feathers from In Flight transfer as well as the Passion Flower transfer on the headboard. Many of the transfers work well together and really gives you so much room to create something unique! These transfers could have been used even without my drippy grunge look and the bed would still be an attention getter!

I created this bed over a series of live videos. See those videos and more at my blog HERE.

Passion Flower & In Flight


Romantic Furniture Transfer: Roses and Rouge

My most romantic transfer project has to be the Antique Victorian China hutch! I absolutely loved this project and the Roses and Rouge transfer is one of my favorites. The threads of metallic gold against the coral of the roses is just stunning! Click HERE for more about this piece and furniture transfer.

Favorite Furniture Transfers by Traceys Fancy


Whimsical Transfer: Never Ending Story

Probably the most whimsical piece I've created with a design transfer is my Whimsical Painted Grandfather Clock. I used the Never Ending Story transfer as a backdrop for the metallic gold pendulum and weights! Surprisingly this is one of the most difficult transfers to apply!

Never Ending Story

I also used this same Never Ending Story whimsical transfer on my Santa Desk. Same product but a completely different look. The versatility of these transfers are amazing!

Favorite Furniture Transfers by Traceys Fancy


Easiest Design Transfers: Dark Romance

The easiest transfer I have ever applied is no doubt the Dark Romance transfer that I used on the third drawer of my little book table. Both that transfer and the Somewhere in France transfer that is on the top drawer were perfect for this Book Table project! Watch the video tutorial of how I created this piece HERE.

Dark Romance


My Favorite Furniture Transfers Pieces

I hope you found this Design Transfer round-up inspiring! Design Transfers really do open up a whole new world for painters and crafters! I'd love to see your projects using some of the ones I've mentioned! Click on any of the photos below to learn more about my favorite furniture transfer pieces....

See you next week!



Please share my favorite furniture transfers pins and follow me on Pinterest!

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