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French Stool

This dainty french stool belonged to my mother.... and has a back-story that I love... but won't go into now. Let me just say that I had recently decided to finally part with it (letting go of family heirlooms is something I don't do often)..... and it let me know it was meant to be with me a while longer! It now sits proudly in front of my violet colored sofa!

I've painted the stool a few times over the years and it was in need of a freshening up. It was most recently painted in an ivory with a dark stain on the base.... and the fabric was painted with one of the Dixie Belle grays. As you can see.... the painted fabric holds up beautifully! This stool was put through a lot of use in my daughter's room as her makeup vanity chair..... so you can imagine!

I wanted to try the Silk paint line.... which is an all-in-one type paint. It has a built in blocking primer and a built in top coat. It also dries with an eggshell sheen versus the flat chalky sheen you get with the chalk-mineral paint. I thought this light sheen might be really nice on fabric. And was I ever right!!! I am BEYOND pleased with the finish!!! I painted directly over the gray with Silk in Salt Water. I painted one coat..... let dry for about two hours.... and painted a second coat.

Once dry.... I measured out my lines and using a pattern cut from paper.... I drew them in pencil. When I was sure they looked like I wanted them to I retraced over the pencil with a sharpie marker. This allows me to see the lines better..... serves as a sharp edge for the black stripes... and keeps the pencil from smearing while I paint around the lines.

I then filled in every other line with Silk in Anchor..... which is a gorgeous deep black! I painted two coats per stripe. I am so pleased with the finish on this fabric! Its SOOOOOO good! With the built in top coat.... I'm able to paint and just leave it to cure! It is soft, supple and smooth.

I chose three shades of pink for the wood base of the stool......Tea Rose, Plum Crazy and Muscadine Wine.

I painted the bottom of the leg in Muscadine wine.... the middle in Plum Crazy and the top in Tea Rose. I did two coats like this.... and while the second coat was still damp..... I used my mister bottle and the French Tip brush to blend out the lines where each paint color met the next.... until the color gradient was softened.

Now was time for the final touches of gold! I chose Gold Gilding Wax..... because it's my favorite gold product on the market!!!

I used my finger to apply in some areas..... a small craft brush to apply in others..... and even a chip brush for a light dusting of all the edges. The wax does not need to be top coated as it will cure on its own within 72 hours!

And THIS.... is the final look!

It's as if the stool was just waiting for me to style my office like this! It looks so planned..... and it actually happened on a whim! If you'd like to see more of my office (before the stool joined the scene.... just click HERE. My mother would be so very happy with it! I hope I have inspired you to try SILK paint on fabric! I will be using it on many future fabric painting projects!

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