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Gilded Damask Side Table with *NEW* water slide transfer application

I LOVE the excitement of using something new! And these water slide transfers are brand new to me!!!

Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer Side Table by Traceys Fancy


If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!


Water Slide Design Transfers: The Basics

If you loved the gumball machine tattoos from your childhood...the ones you applied with water on the back side...then you will love this new process as much as I did!

This gilded damask transfer is not very big but it does come in four small sheets so you have options to use it on various sized substrates.

gilded damask water slide transfer by Dixie Belle

I wasn't exactly sure how well this waterslide transfer ink would appear over colored paint so I did a random sample board as a test.  

I used the three colors I had in mind to blend onto the end table, applied them to a pine board and used a piece of the transfer to test it out.  

Test board with Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer

To say I was impressed with the vibrancy of the gold and the heavy pigment of the ink is an understatement!

Holy holy moly......this transfer showed up beautifully over all three colors!

Not to mention the process was incredibly easy!

Before: Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer

Time to rock and roll with this gilded damask water slide transfer on furniture!

I happen to have recently thrifted the perfect little dainty side table for this project.

Side table before paint and water slide transfer application

Supplies Used

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This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Gilded Damask Side Table

Blending a Trio of Blues

I painted this end table in a blend of Savannah Mist, Stormy Seas, and Antebellum Blue.

It is a gorgeous trio of blues that blend together effortlessly.

If you are ready to graduate from a two color blend to a three color blend....I highly suggest these three colors.

trio of blue color blend on side table by Traceys Fancy

I allowed this to dry overnight before continuing with the waterslide transfer application.

How to Apply the Water Slide Transfers

I'll break down the simple and exact steps here for you:

1. Cut your transfer to the desired size and place with the pretty side down/paper or outlined side facing up.

laying Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer on Side Table by Traceys Fancy

2. Apply a damp cloth to cover the transfer as you see here and gently press which forces a bit of the water into the paper side.

Applying damp cloth to Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer

3. Allow this to sit for about one minute.

4. Then use the damp cloth or even a rubber spatula to lightly rub over the back from top to bottom/side to side....gently....while holding the transfer securely in place.  

PRO TIP: I noticed a bit of water would pool toward the bottom and I just tapped that with my microfiber rag (or even a paper towel) to soak up the excess water.  

5. Gently lift one corner of the transfer and check to see that the design has released and is in contact with the painted furniture.

gently peeling back water slide transfer

6. Continue to lift the transfer backing until the new design is fully exposed. 

Just look at this!!!! Isn't it gorgeous???

gilded damask water slide transfer application by Traceys Fancy

I cannot believe how easy it was.....or how gorgeous it is!!!

I was able to easily lay the second half of my design down to match up with the first half and repeated the process without a hitch....and this is the final result!

Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer Side Table by Traceys Fancy

I allowed this to dry for a few hours and then applied Top Coat in Satin over the whole end table.  

I cannot wait to try the other waterslide transfer options!

Consider design transfers and decoupage as well...

Similar to water slide transfers, design transfers and decoupage offers you the ability to elevate your design without professional artist abilities. I offer several tutorial to apply design transfer and decoupage as well. Check them out below...

Adding Decorative Molds using FormFlex

I finished this piece off with a few molds that I made with FormFlex.....a product that is also new to me!

hand holding form flex molding compound

You can see them on the bottom left and right as well as the center of the door.

I casted my molds....applied with wood glue.....and lightly dusted with Gold Gilding Wax.

Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer Side Table by Traceys Fancy

Form Flex offered another impressive result!

It was very user friendly and offers so many affordable options for making my own molds! 

I plan to do an entire blog on this process very stay tuned!

The Finished Look: Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer

I am sure you are just as intrigued by the idea of a water tattoo for furniture as I was......and I certainly hope you will check them out! 

Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer Side Table by Traceys Fancy

I'd love to know your thoughts and experience with them!

Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer Side Table by Traceys Fancy


More Inspiration

I grabbed a few pieces from the archives that came to mind when working on this piece! I hope you can use them to draw inspiration for your upcoming projects:

Click on any photo below for more up-close photos and all the design details


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Gilded Damask Water Slide Transfer Side Table by Traceys Fancy

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