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Gold leaf ombre nightstands in bedroom makeover

This just might be the most "un"-staged blog I've ever shared....but there is a reason! The two gold leaf ombre nightstands and amazing French provincial mirrors being made over are part of a master bedroom makeover for my son and his wife....that I plan to reveal to you next week!

So these are really just progress photos....but still SO gorgeous....even if sitting on top of a rumpled drop cloth!!!

Gold Leaf Ombre Nightstands by Tracey's Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!

Before gold leaf ombre nightstand makeover

Brody and Tiffany have had these nightstand for several years. While they are not offensive in their original state....they simply do not go with the amazing bed that they purchased last year.

gold lead ombre nightstand by Traceys Fancy before

They have waited patiently for me to visit to help with their room makeover ideas. We did the entire room in less than 24 hours.....and these nightstands were done.....start to less than TWO hours!!!!

gold lead ombre nightstand by Traceys Fancy

I'll call them my "fast as lightning" tables but Brody refers to them as "fallen angels".....which sounds so dreamy....but I must admit they really are!

Supplies Used: Gold Leaf Ombre Nightstand

Creating the Gold Leaf Ombre Look

I cleaned each piece really well with White Lightning cleaner. I did not prime these pieces.

I painted a single coat of Drop Cloth by Dixie Belle to the top half and a single coat of Manatee Gray by Dixie Belle to the bottom half.

I then used a spray bottle and began to blend the two colors where they met in the it a soft ombre look. This was dry within 20 minutes.

Gold Leaf Ombre Nightstands by Tracey's Fancy

I added gold leaf adhesive at an angle across the front of the entire piece. I applied gold leaf sheets with a soft brush and removed all excess.

I applied this same technique on my Whimsical Gold Splattered Dresser for a bolder whimsical look and I offer a tutorial if you'd like to create this same look yourself.

Gold Leaf Ombre Nightstands by Tracey's Fancy

I highlighted two opposite corners with Dixie Belle's Gilding Wax in Turquoise Teal and Warm Gold. I then added depth to the piece by adding Best Dang Wax in black ever so lightly to the darker gray, the feet and feathering it lightly to the edges of the drawer fronts. I went back over all gold one last time with a swipe of gold gilding to top it off!

Gold Leaf Ombre Nightstands by Tracey's Fancy

And finally.....highlighted each knob with a gold dusting of the Warm Gold Gilding wax as well.

One last look of the beauties on top of their drop cloth staging .....and keep in mind that BOTH were completed in under two hours!!!!!!

Gold Leaf Ombre Nightstands by Tracey's Fancy

The next little project were these mirrors. I have have sold so many sets of these same mirrors and have the identical pair in my guest bath in a dark espresso brown. They are huge and stunning!!! While we worked on the room I asked Tiffany to give them coat of Drop Cloth. She painted two solid coats.

Gilding Wax on Mirror Frame by Tracey's Fancy

They dried quickly and were ready to be aged with the gorgeous Warm Gold Gilding wax. All you need is a light hand and a feathery chip brush! It's so easy and makes such a huge difference in the final look!

I chose to not seal any of these projects. Dixie Belle paint does not need a sealer if left to cure for 30 days. I was traveling with limited product and only brought Gator Hide with me.

They really did not want a sheen. We really liked the raw look of the flat paint on the surface of the tables. I could have used Dixie Belle Top Coat in Flat or even Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray wax....but didn't have any with me. Brody and Tiffany are good about using coasters on their nightstands or they may even decide to top with pretty mercury glass trays. For now they are curing and I look forward to sharing the room reveal with you next week!

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gold lead ombre nightstand by Traceys Fancy
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