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Green buffet table using only TWO products

I love a good challenge....especially when there is a great outcome!

I was recently asked by Dixie Belle Paint Company to create a finish on this buffet table using only TWO products. Either two paint colors or a single paint color and one additional product of my choice. They are referring to this challenge as #painlesspainting ....

And THIS is my result!

Green Buffet Table by Tracey's Fancy

Not even kidding y'all! Two colors.....and NO pain or frustration involved!

Green Buffet Table by Tracey's Fancy

I chose Tree Frog it is often an overlooked and misunderstood paint! LOL!

Although it's not the first time I've used it! Another favorite piece is mine - Whimsical Gold Splattered Dresser - also uses Tree Frog Green.

I understand is VERY bold....and a little too HAPPY for most interiors. However......I have the chill pill secret for this color..... Best Dang Wax in Black!

With the simple brush on/wipe-off technique....the once "vibrant" green instantly transformed into the most rich and lush emerald green!!

This outdated and lifeless 1970's buffet/server... smokin' hot in her new finish!

Green Buffet Table by Tracey's Fancy

My process for this buffet table was simple:

  1. remove hardware

  2. clean using White Lightning

  3. paint (two coats of Tree Frog Green with my Mini Brush)

  4. let dry completely

  5. paint hardware gold while it dries with Liquid Leaf Gold

  6. wiped off Best Dang Wax in black (with baby wipes)

The project is truly complete at this point. Dixie Belle Paint does not require a top long as you allow the paint a full 30 days to cure. I did want a high gloss finish on this piece so I chose to top coat with Top Coat in Gloss (two thin coats).

Green Buffet Table by Tracey's Fancy

I then re-installed the newly painted hardware.....and BAM!

Green Buffet Table by Tracey's Fancy

If you'd like to watch this buffet table come to life on video...I have the recorded tutorial available here!

Painting is supposed to be enjoyable and exciting....almost therapeutic!

If you find yourself feeling frustrated or discouraged....take a step back and reevaluate your project.

Are you possibly trying a technique that is above your skill level at this time?

Maybe you need to take it down a notch and create something with fewer products....that is much more achievable...and will allow you to feel successful.

Over time....with a few success stories under your can then reach a bit higher for the next more advanced technique.

My goal is to inspire you.....and to help you achieve success with each and every project! If you are still looking for more detailed guidance, please consider one of my tutorials. There are lots to choose from on my website HERE.

I encourage you to try this project yourself!

Green Buffet Table by Tracey's Fancy

Green Buffet Table by Tracey's Fancy
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