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Guest bathroom remodel on a budget

If you've followed me for any length of time you have likely figured out that we do projects on a BUDGET!!! We do 99% of the work ourselves....and nothing is EVER sponsored! So there.....we are no different than most of you!

It is my hope....that by sharing these projects and inviting you into our will be inspired to tackle similar projects! Like our "slowly" evolving guest bathroom remodel!

The photo below shows you TODAY! Our plan will eventually be to gut the bath for more space, but that's a task for another day! Especially as I'll be organising hiring a skip bin to take away all of the rubbish when I gut the place! The shiplap behind the mirrors was done at another time (by Matt of course)....and he also added the chair rail. I might also mention that he hand built the adorable ladder!

Guest bathroom remodel on a budget by Traceys Fancy

The photo below shows the old original tile that ran half way up the wall. I could not wait to get rid of it!!! But busting it out just seemed like too much built right over it!!!

Guest bathroom remodel on a budget by Traceys Fancy

Yep! He cut and glued beadboard right to the tile! Then trimmed it out beautifully with chair rail and trim....finishing it all in a bright white!! I love it!!! He also took on the task of installing the vanity that we purchased from Lowes! He wasn't thrilled about this part of the project...but he did it!! And it looks amazing! I had been looking at loads of Vanities in many styles and sizes but I'm really happy with my choice. I think it looks great with the bathroom interior design.

Guest bathroom remodel on a budget by Traceys Fancy

He also installed the two gorgeous blown glass pendants from above! We ordered them on Amazon for a crazy amount....I'm pretty sure we got BOTH lights for $30!!! And hey.....I love my old 1970's vintage mirrors. They are the third set I've acquired in my furniture painting biz! They originally went with a very ornate french provincial bedroom suit. Matt isn't as in love with them as me. He would prefer a basic rectangle farmhouse mirror....but I can only "farmhouse" so much....this girls gotta GLAM a little!

As you can see from the mirror in the picture below, we currently have a shower curtain in the guest bathroom. Whilst this does match the style of our bathroom, we've been seeing a lot of people installing glass shower doors recently. They seem to make bathrooms look so much more classy and modern, as well as being easier to clean. Perhaps that's something we'll consider next. For now though, we're finding that the curtain is working fine for guests.

Guest bathroom remodel on a budget by Traceys Fancy

Here is an closeup of the lights! They are soooo gorgeous! I also should tell you he scraped the popcorn from the ceiling and repainted it white! HUGE job and the last scraping he will do on his own! That will be a hire out for the future! LOL! VERY MESSY job! All the love to those that do that for a living!

Guest bathroom remodel on a budget by Traceys Fancy

And I couldn't leave without showing you this adorable bathtub container I got form Decorsteals!!! Do you follow them?? I have so many cute items from them! I'll link them the link for when they make them available! You know its cute on the back of that toilet!!!!

Guest bathroom remodel on a budget by Traceys Fancy

And lastly....because I know you'll walls are painted in Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey!

Want to see more of our home makeovers?? Check out our brightened and lightened entryway or our daughter's ever-changing bedroom.


The products listed here are what I used for this guest bathroom remodel! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

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