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Hollywood Regency with Silver

Black and White Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

This dresser is swoon worthy….and deserves all the applause!!!

I mistakingly did NOT take a "before" photo…..and should be punished!

The contrast of before and after is everything with a piece like this!

(This post may contain some affiliate links that help support my blog. I only recommend products I LOVE - thank you for your purchases.)

Black and White Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

BEFORE…this piece was dark and heavy….and quite sad! It had an old Spanish vibe going on mixed with a dungeon feel! NOT good…not good!

Black and White Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

The dark and heavy hardware did not even show up against the dark wood….but it was sooooo gorgeous….and so worthy of being the focus of this piece.

I chose to use black, white and silver to rehab this dresser. The black and white combo is a simple pairing of colors that always evoke a feeling of clean and classy. I used my Fancy Kind of Neutral: Black Bean and Irish Cream by Heirloom Traditions Paint and I have them available in my paint shop! I usually lean toward gold for large chunky hardware…..but I decided on silver this time….and I LOVE the result! If you haven't tried this silver foil spray paint (my affiliate link)….you must! You will never use another! (Here is the gold one too.)

This amazing spray come out of the cannon a super fine mist that lays it self down lightly and self levels. Make sure to hold the can 8" from the surface and move gently and slowly to allow the spray to float down onto the piece. It will run if you allow it to puddle. So it's is best to lay whatever you are painting on its back to avoid drips. It does not require a sealer!

Black and White Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

Two colors of paint……a spray can of silver paint….and a good water based top coat are all you need to achieve this Hollywood Regency look!

Black and White Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

I have a quick little video tip here for painting black and white patterns.


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Want to know my secret weapons? Get my list of my favorite brushes for painting furniture HERE.

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See you next week!



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Black and white Dresser with silver handles | Furniture Painting Tips by Tracey's Fancy | Bedroom Furniture Ideas |
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