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How to Decorate with a Feature Furniture Piece

Hello all you Fancies! Today I'm going to offer you a few tips on how to create a feature furniture piece for your home AND then how to design a room around it!! TWO for ONE today….cuz I'm just nice like that!

I could hardly wait to share this outrageously painted furniture piece with you! I've literally had to stop my finger from pushing "post" on social media! I got my heart strings involved on this one….and I have trouble containing my excitement when that happens. Let me warn you..if you do not appreciate the use of multiple colors and patterns on one piece….you might not want to scroll….cuz this ones a doozie!

I purchased this piece of furniture for my good friend Emily (my VA in this business of mine….aka Virtual Assistant). As you can see from the photo below…the piece was beautiful in its "before" state…but not very playful. We needed playful!!! This will be the feature furniture piece in Vyone's room, Emily's two-year-old daughter.

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure and privacy policy.

I need to give you a little background so bare with me…because all details must be considered.

Emily's mother is currently making a lively….full of color…crazy cat lady quilt for the room (side note…Emily is a true crazy cat lady and was even one for Halloween)! Below are photos of the fabrics being used…and an actual photo of a portion of the quilt that is being quilted! I cannot imagine how much love and time goes into making such a keepsake! Lucky little Vy!

After much consideration regarding the room it would go into…such as the age of the child….the monetary investment….the importance of the quilt…and the current style of the home.….I spent some quiet time just sitting in front of this blonde colored piece of furniture with quilt fabric swatches in hand….and my vision was gifted to me.

The results are this…….this crazy, happy, energetic, full of life, show-stopper feature furniture piece!

Read carefully below for hints at how to design the actual feature piece of furniture….and THEN….I'll help you design a space around it!

Cat Dresser Feature Furniture Tracey's Fancy

Every single color of the quilt was considered and applied…as it is our starting point. When designing a space you should always start with a single piece that inspires you for that space…a painting, a quilt, or a rug.

Cat Dresser Feature Furniture Tracey's Fancy

An unexpected sunshine sits proudly on top….. as "sunshine" yellow is the anchor color throughout Emily's home.

Cat Dresser Feature Furniture Tracey's Fancy

The whimsy of black and white stripes frame the edge and set the tone for balanced chaos! (PS Here's my tip for painting these stripes)

Cat Dresser Feature Furniture Tracey's Fancy

Gold gilding applied to fancy features..sitting proudly on top of hand painted checkerboard pattern….proving fancy and whimsy play together beautifully!

Cat Dresser Feature Furniture Tracey's Fancy

Heavily carved and delicately enhanced columns hug the chaos from both sides!

Cat Dresser Feature Furniture Tracey's Fancy

And those daisies!!!! This was the feature I was most drawn to when I located the dresser to begin with! The "retro" vibe of the daisy….(think 1970's)….was a dead ringer for the style of the "retro" cat lady quilt!

Cat Dresser Feature Furniture Tracey's Fancy

And I just could not hold back from including a little harlequin pattern….especially using my favorite combo of coral and hot pink together! (Videos of me painting these patterns at the end!)

Love the Whimsy Wonderland?

If you are considering painting a piece of furniture in your home.....and you like Whimsy....(which you MUST or you wouldn’t be following me right???)....but you are scared....or hesitant....or just don't know where to start.....I am here for you!

All you have to do is submit your email below and I will be in touch soon!

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Cat Dresser Feature Furniture Tracey's Fancy

Here they are….side by side….complementing without competing!

So how on earth do we use these two pieces together in a room without it looking like a full out circus???

It is really so easy!!! Let the feature piece be just that….the feature piece!

Check out this design board below! I put together items that work beautifully together!

How to Design a Room with a Feature Furniture Piece - Bright Fun CHildren's Room Decor

Let me tell you how I did it!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

Shopping links here for your convenience!


Bed/Side Table/Drapes/Rug/Wall Art/Lighting/Accent Pillows

I chose the color that is used the LEAST on the feature piece….the sunshine yellow….to be the overall pop of color on other items in the room. The cheerful drapes and the happy bedside table.

Just as I used black and white patterns to tone down (or ground) the painted chest ..I did the same for the room design. Both the rug and the bedskirt are black and white,,which I consider a neutral, and familiar to the eye. This sort of tames the chaos.

The bed is ornate…it really needed to be with such fancy lines on the chest…but I chose solid white to keep it classy and clean…and to not compete with anything else.

I love to add a little sparkle anytime I can…and in a girls room this can always be done with a chandelier. I chose pink over an aqua or teal…as the dresser already has so much of those tones.

A few accent pillows ….and wall art…staying within the featured yellow color and black and white…..and this room is done!!!

I realize this takes someone with guts from every angle! It takes guts to tackle painting a piece with this much detail. It takes guts to purchase a piece that has been painted with this much detail. It takes guts to design a room with so much personality. But I know you are out there!!! All of you with all the guts!!! And I love your guts!!! And I hope you love mine!!!!

I have linked every single paint product used on this feature furniture piece for you below!!! Just in case you decide you've got the guts!!! I also have videos of my designing & painting process below.

Love the Whimsy Wonderland?

If you have a love of whimsical furniture and would like to learn how to paint your own, please let me know!

Submit your email below to let me know you're interested.

Yes, I'm interested

Thank you!

I've added you to my list of Whimsy Lovers! Stay tuned!


These are the paints and colors that I recommend to you to use to achieve this same look. Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level is! To go into further details... The black and white was: Fluff and Caviar. The gradient on the drawer fronts: Haint Blue, Sea Glass, The Gulf, Pure Ocean & Tree Frog Green. The Center Checkered panels on Drawer Fronts: Florida Orange with Flamingo, Soft Pink with Peony, Amethyst with Lucky Lavender. The top: Daisy. You can also see my entire Amazon influencer list of fave paint tools and products here.

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement! It means the world to me that you take the time to pop in and say HI! Don't forget to sign up for more of my FANCY DESIGNS here.

See you next week!



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