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Leopard Patina Grunge Buffet

I don't really know where to start on this blog....

I love every single inch of this painted buffet!

I loved this buffet in its raw wood form.....just as I purchased it from a very old gentleman on Marketplace. It belonged to his mother....along with the china hutch which I am saving until I have a vision for it. But this buffet was in need of much repair cosmetically.....and I knew it could handle some bold color.

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I love the photo of the buffet half painted....and half unpainted.

I did it this way for one of my they could see exactly what we'd be learning....and left the other half for the actual class instruction.

Here you can see the full-on bold hot pink (Peony by DBP) that serves as the under layer for the black (Caviar by DBP).

The patina results on this piece just blow my mind! Dixie Belle really out did themselves with this affordable product! This was my first time to use it ALL OVER a piece of furniture....and I'm hooked!

You can see it really well in the photo above. It is not just a color changing is a full blown corrosion that takes place...and has depth and texture! If you've never tried this process before.....I encourage you too! It is so much fun....and adds so much authenticity to your project!

I even added a little to the painted elephant head drawer pulls....which HELLO!!!! Are these not friggin' fabulous???

You can see how chunky those knobs actually are in the above photo. But how about that gorgeous buffet surface??? Everyone that sees it says it reminds them of outerspace...LOL! It was supposed to take on an animal in "spots"....but I may have really been reaching with that attempt!

But the hand painted leopard print and zebra patterns are not mistaken for outer-space and are featured beautifully here! I love accenting with these two prints as much as I like using stripes and harlequin!

I had no idea when I started this buffet that I would be buying elephant head hardware....but with the zebra and leopard print.....and added grunge patina.....they were perfect!

I also had no idea that Matt would really love this piece.....and that he would ask if we could keep it!

Yep! It's mine!

If you'd like to try this exact finish on a piece for your own home.....I am offering this recorded tutorial in my shop.  You can read more about it here.

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See you next week!



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Whimsical Painted Buffet with Leopard, Zebra, Check and Patina by Tracey's Fancy

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