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Meet Pam A.

Pam A has been a member of The Best You for 92+ days! She has been a personal trainer for the last 30 years but suffered from chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and severe osteoarthritis. After watching and following Tracey's story for the past 22 months, she was ready to join! She now has more energy and stamina than she has had in many years..she is also down 17 lbs and 19 inches overall! Read more of Pam's story below...

Where do you live (city/state)? Kingsport, TN

What is your WHY for joining The Best You and eating AIP? Do you have a specific diagnosis? I had suffered from chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and severe osteoarthritis for 32 years. I did a lot of research after I was formally diagnosed in 1999. I wanted to find a natural way to relieve my pain. Some things gave me temporary relief, but I was never pain-free. I had 13 surgeries in 10 years, which left my body pretty beaten up.

I was feeling horrible, no energy, and not at all like myself.

As a personal trainer of nearly 30 years, I knew what I should be eating, but I didn't do that. I ate southern all the way, all the time, with intermittent diets of all kinds. My acid reflux was so bad that even prescription medication wasn't keeping it under control. In July 2019, I had an endoscopy which revealed two suspicious places in my stomach, which were biopsied. Though they weren't cancer, it was enough of a scare for me to put a mandate on myself for a lifestyle change. I was feeling horrible, no energy, and not at all like myself. I was in constant pain and getting up and down out of a chair required effort. I felt old!

How did you learn about The Best You? I started following Tracey over two years ago on her painting page, Tracey's Fancy. Soon after that was when she became so ill, so I followed her AIP journey on her Fancy Food Friday Live videos. I watched her journey for 22 months before I finally decided I was going to give AIP and The Best You a try.

When did you join The Best You? What is your #number (days AIP / age)? I joined The Best You in July 2019. As I write this, I am on day #92.

Share your successes!! I knew I had made the right decision when on my official day #3 I was pain-free! I had gone all-in as soon as I joined, so it was really day 7 or so.

I will be 69 years old in November. When I started this, I felt every day of it, but now I feel like I have a new life! I am as mobile as I was in my twenties and have more energy and stamina than I have had in many years.

"I knew I had made the right decision when on my official day #3 I was pain-free!"

Weight loss has been a side benefit. I have lost 17 lbs and 19 inches overall. Weight loss is slow but steady. I'll take that!

Have you re-introduced any foods yet? If yes, what and what were the results? Since I am on week #14, I have started re-introductions.

So far, eggs, cheese, and legumes have been successful re-introductions. I already know that tomatoes and anything with them in it are a huge trigger for me. Also, since I got relief so early on, sugar was a culprit of my pain as well.

What tricks/tips made this life easier? Though juicing is not part of the AIP plan, it has been so good for me. I know that every morning I am feeding my body something that is very good for it. I really look forward to my green juice to kick start my day.

I try to get everything from the store that I will need for one week. When I get home, I wash and prep all my fruits, vegetables, and melons so that all I have to do is reach in the fridge for a quick snack or to make a smoothie. This is a huge time saver and keeps me from grabbing something that isn't best for me.

I also make a large pot of some kind of soup every week so I can have a quick, healthy meal without doing anything except heating it in the microwave.

"I am as mobile as I was in my twenties and have more energy and stamina than I have had in many years"

List your top AIP go-to meals... As I stated before, I keep soup on hand that has lots of veggies and protein in it.

I find myself craving the "nomato sauce" over spaghetti squash noodles with turkey or beef basil meatballs and salad. I like to cook things that will give us leftovers for a couple or more days, saving me time in the kitchen.

A pot roast with carrots, white sweet potatoes, and onions, cooked in liquid bone broth creates a very tasty and hearty meal.

List your favorite AIP snacks... I really enjoy fruit smoothies. I freeze sliced bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries to use in them. I add unsweetened coconut milk and collagen protein powder to them. I freeze half and drink the other half. The frozen smoothie is my ice cream and it is delicious!

Other than that, I grab a piece of fruit or eat some melon.

How do you stay AIP compliant outside your home (work, social gatherings, traveling, etc)? It is a little easier for me because I am retired and have a little more control over my food. We do go out to eat often with friends and family. I look at the restaurant menu online to see if there is anything I can eat. If not, I eat before I go and I take along my baggie of veggies to add to a house salad. We went to the beach during my second week. I took along my juicer and cooked most meals. We went out for fish and salad a couple of times. I don't have any trouble passing up food at social gatherings now. At first, it was harder, but not now.

What other lifestyle implements have helped with your success (sleep, stress management, exercise)? Having a good balance of free time, family time, and "me" time is important.

I have a friend, Cindy, who I work out with and she has encouraged me throughout this journey!

Movement and exercise are important to me. I feel better being around people and it improves my circulation, mobility, strength, balance, and speed of movement.

My husband, Chuck, has been so very supportive of me as well. He has been absolutely wonderful!

The Best You Group is the best support group ever! Everyone is so sweet and encouraging to each other. I go there daily! I still struggle with sleep.

What advice would you give to someone justing starting The Best You?My best advice to anyone who is considering this lifestyle or just beginning is to take it slow, be patient with yourself and your progress, and know that it is not an overnight thing or a temporary thing.

I started out hoping to make it to 100 days. Now that I am only 8 days away from that I realize that I need to stay in The Best You for a long time. It is a source of strength that I rely on and need. Besides, I want to keep on until I can post a photo of skinny me!

If you are inspired by Pam and want to learn more about The Best You, click HERE to learn more and join our group!

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