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My Black & White Painted Radio Cabinet

Welcome to my very own little piece of Wonderland.... also known as my "office"!

Don't they always say.... "do what you love and you will never feel like you are working"... or something like that? Well, I say..... "surround yourself with what you love.... so even when you DO have to "work" (because let's face it.... most of us are "working"...... who are we kidding).... it will feel a heck of a lot better"! So I created an office space in my home that is full of whimsy and wonder, and old and new, and a crazy mix of color, grounded by black and white!

Mellimello Jema Wall Mural - Tracey's Fancy

I purchased this vintage radio cabinet about 8 years ago. I originally painted it a deep Mediterranean blue and used it as a key cabinet in our foyer. When we made the change to "grey" in our home... we moved it into my office. We went from a brown to a grey transformation in my foyer, dining room AND bedroom!!

Now that it is redone..... I placed it dead center on my gallery wall and decided to make it a feature piece in that space.

Painted Radio Cabinet-Tracey's Fancy

I chose the simple color design of black, white and gold. Which brings me to the sole purpose of this blog post!


I am SO OFTEN asked what my "go-to" metallic gold paints are... as I use them a lot!!!

Today..... I give you Gilding Wax in Gold by Dixie Belle!

DB Gliding Wax

Every single time I use this product... I am just as impressed as the first time!

And I always want to share!!! This is NOT a sponsored post! I just get so excited.... and really hope to encourage you to give their product a try!

It is the best metallic highlighting product on the market in my opinion! It's easy to apply.... just as you see in the photo below. I use my FINGER to apply it.... because you know.... I'm #fancy like that! You just get a bit out of the little tub onto your finger and lightly rub or brush over the area you want to apply the highlight! That's it!!! If you need it to thin a bit, mix with a top coat first.

Painted Radio Cabinet-Tracey's Fancy

For this project.... I wanted to highlight the carved areas on each door front. This would take hours of work with gold paint and a small brush. Not to mention controlling the flow of liquid paint. In the photo below you can see the difference between highlighting the door with gold... and the bit of the door without. It is a HUGE difference.... and it was so fast and easy!!! I just lightly grazed my finger over the raised areas of the carvings for dramatic results.

Painted Radio Cabinet-Tracey's Fancy

For a solid coverage.... like the trim work you see below.... I almost always use Gilding Wax in Gold.  It's pretty amazing paint in the tiniest little tub!

Painted Radio Cabinet-Tracey's Fancy

So here you go.... one last look into my office! And because I know you will ask..... the radio cabinet is painted in Dixie Belle Paint Caviar (black) and Cotton (white). This paint needs NO primer or sealer! You simply paint a coat or two and walk away! It is a super hardy and durable paint that I have used over and over in my own home!

Painted Radio Cabinet-Tracey's Fancy

Shop: Painted Radio Cabinet

Here are some Amazon links for the products I used.

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I wrote a blog about this fun wallpaper because I am asked about it ALL. THE. TIME. You're going to ask me about the cute pink rug, get it here. And the wall color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

Gold Painted Furniture Inspiration

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See you next week!



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