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My Hair Routine (After Autoimmune Hairloss)

When I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis back in 2017.....I prepared myself for changes that would occur within my body.... however it never occurred to me one of those changes would be hair loss. I honestly never saw it coming. It is evidently a result of the steroid medication that I am on....and must be on for the rest of my life. It does not happen to everyone.....but it is happening to me. It did not begin until about 6 months into my treatment.

And it hit suddenly.

My hair was long....longer there mid back....and quite thick. I first noticed it all over my clothes. Then in-between my toes as I walked through the house. It was in my bed and laying on my pillow in clumps. We had to purchase a drain cover as it was clogging our bathtub. I cut it several times.....I don't know why I thought this would help....but I was desperate! I started wearing ball caps and headbands....not to cover it up....but because I had no idea how to style the little hair that was left on my head.

Christmas of 2018 was my breaking (but honestly embracing) point. In an emotional moment....alone in my bathroom....with a houseful of family members waiting to open gifts.....I decided I would cut what was left of my long hair off! I drug a friend into the bathroom with me and threatened to shave it if if she wouldn't cut it for me. She agreed....and with shaking hands cut my very thin and see through hair into a chin length "not so great" bob! LOL! It looked as if I let a 6-year-old do it....but it was sooooooooo liberating!!!!! I laughed and cried it felt SO good!!! It was only hair!!!

What on Earth was the big deal???

My own mother and cousin "twin" and many dear friends have lost ALL of their hair to chemotherapy....and I was their biggest cheerleader! I knew better! I knew I was more than my hair just as they were! Why did I fight this moment for so long???

New hair!

After several months addressing my new shorter hair style....I look forward to sharing the following styling products and supplements with you!

* This post contains affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

First......New Hair Growth

It is a supplement that a dear friend recommended to me. It contains pure Biotin, vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids that promote new hair growth at the follicular cell level.

I have experienced noticeable regrowth since taking this supplement and plan to continue to help offset the side effects of my medication. I purchase mine on auto-ship through Amazon and you can order yours here as well.

Second ... "Recovering" Hair Styling

These are styling products and tools that I am now using and sharing with others! These L'Ange products work really well for what I call my "recovering hair"! They offer a full line with a wide variety for all hair types....but my promotion here is specifically for people with thin and fine hair.

If you are reading this and you are one that is blessed with a ton of hair.....curly hair.....straight hair.....they products for you to! You can still use my link HERE to get the huge savings of 50-70% go ahead and check them out! I also have a blog dedicated to styling with L'Ange products you can read & tutorial to watch HERE.

But if you are with me on my thin/fine/barely there/hard to style on sister....

I'm going to keep this product list pure and simple....these are the products I use ....and the order I use them in.

My Routine for Freshly Washed Wet Hair

Root Booster: I squirt this foam like product in lines directly at the root randomly on my scalp.....then rub my fingers on my scalp until it is thoroughly spread throughout.

Sea + Salt Spray: I spray this magic texture in a bottle all over my wet hair followed by running my fingers or combing through my hair.

Heat Shield: I spray this lightly all over my hair before blow drying or using my wand. I mean hey....I need to protect what little hair I do have....with this botanical (from plants) infused thermal protectant!

Triomphe Dryer: I blow dry my hair with this fancy little pink blow dryer that changes the way I ever felt about blow drier investments....all I can say is.....get one!

Sienna Thermal Round brush: because it's pink.....and because why not match what else I have going on.....on my bathroom vanity! does create amazing volume as well!

De Ja Vu Dry Shampoo: Yep! You are hair is already clean! But this ya' a life hack! Dry shampoo adds lift and volume and texture prior to styling!! For those of you with fine and limphair...this is a game changer for boost! AND....this dry shampoo is CLEAR! So no white powder halo to all you brunettes out there! And isn't the name of this product genius??

Ondule 25 mm titanium wand: It's showtime folks! what sold me! This truly a magic wand! Now I cant attest to using it WITHOUT the product as I haven't done that.....but the wand AND the product together made magic happen on my head! I have a live video you can watch see how I actually use this beauty! It does take some effort to become efficient with it....but not long...and the effort is worth it!

Trois Chic: Seal that deal with this amazing hairspray!!! It has the coolest dialing system that lets you choose the amount of hold you are after...which I find genius!

And that's it folks! THAT is my hair routine....about every three days! I use the DeJa Vu dry shampoo on the days between and retouch with the wand. Its confidence in a routine....and I totally okay with that!

I hope you find what you are looking for as well! You deserve to feel beautiful both inside and out! XOXO, Tracey

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