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My Latest Watercolor Painted Chair ... Whimsical Hydrangeas!

I am often challenged to try new things by my readers and students in my painting groups!

My chair painting group requested "flowers" as well as my mermaid that I've already shared here on my blog. (If you don't know what I'm talking about take a look at my signature mermaid chairs here.)

I am not new to flowers.....I've painted many....but they are NOT MY THING....and don't come naturally to me. And I've certainly not tried them on fabric!

But I can't tell my ladies "NO" time for my #fancypants self to try something new!

I created this chair with my favorite - Dixie Belle Paint....

My very first watercolor floral on fabric......Whimsical Hydrangeas!

* This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

I purchased this chair from a local lady.....having found it on Facebook Marketplace....which is my newest and latest addiction!

HOLY COW I could spend my entire day searching for furniture to make #fancy!

Anyway....back to the chair challenge!

If you'd like to take this on as a DIY.....just make sure your chair is in good shape structurally....and that the fabric is NOT velvet or any type of fabric with a raised nap or pile. This will cause your paint to dry with a VERY stiff feel...and possibly even crack.

The painting process is way too in depth to write as a blog tutorial... I have written older blogs on how to paint fabric upholstered chairs but the truth is, those products I used and recommended were discontinued!!! So for my chair painting course, I had to do research to find new products to use on fabric. I found a great solution (that doesn't leave fabric crunchy) and taught my #whimsicalsouls students in our fall series. Because so many of you have asked, I have opened up my recorded version of my fabric chair painting course. You can now purchase the video that comes with full supply list....that will guide you through the entire process. It is NOT difficult...and you don't need to be a flower me!

I chose hydrangeas as they are a very free and forgiving flower to paint.....especially in a watercolor style. And the entire process is not is quite enjoyable and therapeutic!

I am very very pleased with my first watercolor floral chair.....and I look forward to sharing many more with you in the future!

Love the Whimsy Wonderland?

If you are considering painting a piece of furniture in your home.....and you like Whimsy....(which you MUST or you wouldn’t be following me right???)....but you are scared....or hesitant....or just don't know where to start.....I am here for you!

All you have to do is submit your email below and I will be in touch soon!

Yes, I'm interested

Thank you!

I've added you to my list of Whimsy Lovers! Stay tuned!

Here is the link to the chair painting tutorial that I mentioned.  The class is just over two hours long....and FULL of great information!  I've had so many positive responses to it...that I decided to offer this recorded version full time!

We also cover painting a watercolor mermaid version, like this one I did for a tattoo-loving client

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See you next week!



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Whimsical Painted Fabric Chairs by Traceys Fancy
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