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My {Most Requested} Painted Whimsical Headboard

Painted Whimsical Headboard Tracey's Fancy

This bed! This bed is my most requested piece of furniture ever!!! So much so....that I actually tried to find a manufacturer to make them for me! That was a total disaster that I won't go into here...agh! * This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here. For a furniture painter, this bed offers SO many opportunities to be creative! It is a huge blank canvas....has gorgeous curves...and is very grand! The one you see here in this post was the very first one.

I painted it for a repeat client.....and she asked for very specific design elements such as french script, specific colors, and nail head trim. I had no idea that her design and my painting would drive more traffic to my business than any other piece at that time. I was lucky enough to eventually locate four more of these beds through Craigslist adds. I haven't seen another in a very long time!

Its soft muted tones keep this piece elegant. However the imbalance of the stripes add a touch of whimsy....and keep it from being too serious. The addition of the dark nailhead trim really accents the detailed shape of both the headboard and footboard. The French script is unexpected....and adds even more interest to the piece.

I really do wish I had a warehouse full of this exact style bed...that I could paint any way I wanted to on a daily basis!! Don't overlook your headboard as an opportunity to add interest to your room. Especially a large headboard with a lot of open room for creating and painting! And hey...if you see any of these beds in your area....give me a shout! LOL!

Whimsical Furniture

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I have listed below products that I use and trust to give you this same look!  Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level is! I would recommend Modern Masters Champagne or Pale Gold for this look, which you can find on my Amazon influencer list here.

If you want to try this look and would like to consult me, please do!!

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Painted Headboard Before & After Whimsical Bedroom Furniture Tracey's Fancy Fancy #Furnituremakeover #furniture Painted furniture Ideas #whimsical
Painted Headboard Before & After Whimsical Bedroom Furniture Tracey's Fancy Fancy #Furnituremakeover #furniture Painted furniture Ideas #whimsical
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