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My White Lime Spray Wax Learning Curve

General Finishes Java Gel Stain

Heirloom Traditions Naval.  I'm not a huge fan of navy….but this color is just gorgeous!  Here it is in the photo next to the spray wax that is about to rock my world in a challenging way!

white lime spray wax!!  Yay!!!!  I love trying new things and I had been waiting for the chance to try these sprays!!!  So I line up my naval painted drawers …. I pick up my bottle of spray wax … and I shoot and spray!  And then I begin the spreading of the liquid with my clean cloth … and I start to freak out a little … but I keep rubbing … and then I spray some more … and freak out some more … and then I stop!  Oh Lawdy!!!  It's not pretty!  Check it out:

White Lime Wax looks great on many colors when it soaks into the paint.  I've used it on pale pinks, sweet lavenders, yellows, light grays … and it was a gorgeous look.  But this dark Naval and the SPRAY white lime were not having it!  So I sealed the remaining six drawers.  Since I am now "spray bottle" shy … I opted to spray my wax into a bowl…and brush the liquid wax on lightly … and then rub with my clean cloth.

Rust-Oleum Metallic Finish Spray Paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rub 'n Buff Copper

Best Chalk Top Coat to the surface to prepare it for bathroom use.  This stuff is like liquid gold!

Heirloom Traditions Online and use the coupon code FANCY to get 10% off and help me earn fabulous free paint supplies! And please don't hesitate to shoot us a question or comment about a DIY project that you want to tackle!  I am always excited to support others on their painting journey! See y'all later! Tracey Please pin my White Lime Spray Wax Tutorial to Pinterest!  Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Pinterest. Please and THANK YOU!

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