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Free Ultimate Furniture Painting Guide

How to Paint Golden Oak Furniture

How happy is this little set up???

As most of you know...that is my office...and those are MY breakfast room chairs. I used them to stage this table that I painted for a local client.

But....DANG! When I look at this picture it really makes me wish this was MY breakfast room!

I could sit and drink coffee with friends and family for hours in this space!

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Teal Blue Table by TraceysFancy

Smack in the middle of all the "pretty" this table!

You've all seen one....and possibly may own one!

The out dated.....boring....golden oak table!

This piece was transformed sooooo easily!

How to Paint Golden Oak Furniture by Tracey's Fancy

I made a video discussing the "ins and outs" of painting can catch that below....

I promise it really was that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Order your paint....and get busy! It's time to create a happy space in your home!

How to Paint Golden Oak Furniture by Tracey's Fancy

Furniture Painting Basics

  1. Sand the top down just a bit, depending on the finish. The surface you're painting on is only as good as the surface you start with. It was a bit chippy so I leveled it out by sanding.

  2. Wipe it down very well with 50/50 Warm Water + Vinegar. Let it dry.

  3. I spritz my chalk-type paint brush with just a little of water to get it wet. I also spritz water directly on the furniture.

  4. i then dip my brush in the paint and run it across.

  5. This is only my first coat.

More of what I mention in this Oak Furniture video:


For your convenience,  you can purchase these same paint colors from Dixie Belle Paint Company.  I will make a commission if you use these links at no charge to you. I only recommend products that I have used and love! You can also find my list of faves on my Amazon influencer list here.

How to Paint Golden Oak Furniture by Tracey's Fancy

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vHow to Paint Golden Oak Furniture by Tracey's Fancy

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