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Painted Black Buffet - A Fast Way to Paint Furniture

Often times you will find a piece of furniture that needs a little TLC prior to revamping it.

I want to show you that with VERY little prep and the use of an amazing paint product....this piece was transformed into a real show stopper!

I simply filled areas of chipping veneer with wood filler. I let this dry overnight and sanded it back slightly so it was flush with the original veneer surface.

I wiped down the entire piece with a soft cloth dampened with vinegar and let that dry.

And that was it! No overall sanding. No primer.

Here is the antique buffet before ...

Just two coats of Heritage Collection All-in-One Paint in Iron Gate black....and that was it!

The finish that this paint offers is none like any I have ever used. It dries with a velvety sheen....just enough to catch the light. It levels itself...leaving the finish flawless and brushstroke free. There is zero dries quickly....and the best part???? It SELF SEALS!!!!! You do NOT need to wax or seal this paint! The bonding primer AND the sealer are built right into the product!

My point??? This black buffet project was FAST, ya'll! It did not require hours of stripping, sanding or priming!

Just a few repairs....a few coats of paint....a few added highlights.....and cure time!

And here is the black buffet after!

Painted Antique Buffet Tracey's Fancy

You can actually see in the photo below how gorgeous and smooth the finish is. I used no filters on my photos....this is raw goodness folks!

I highly recommend this paint to anyone that is looking for a time saver! My money honey! And this paint is my best friend!

Black Painted Antique Buffet Tracey's Fancy

The Heritage Collection All-in-One paint can be found at your local Do It Best Hardware stores. You can also purchase it at It comes in 12 gorgeous and versatile colors to fit any home decor and style!

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See you next week!



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