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Painted gumball machine: boho style

Evidently custom painted over-the-top super extra gumball machines are a major hit!!! And this painted boho gumball machine is no exception.

I have added this as an item that can be purchased from my website to make the ordering process easier.

In addition to Fancy & Fabulous Gumball Machine workshop is now available!

Boho Gumball Machine

My most recent gumball machine was a BOHO request.

When I think of boho style, I think of patina and rust and natural wear and tear but she requested turquoise and pinks and glamorous gold!

So, I did my best to give this a romantic boho vibe and I'm really happy with the results!

Painted boho gumball machine | Tracey's Fancy

Underneath all this gorgeous color is Slick Stick! It is the magic that makes painting these little boogers a success. The Slick Stick bonds to the metal and provides a foundation for the paint to adhere to.

I chose Peony, Plum Crazy, and Muscadine Wine for the top of this piece....blended gradually in that small space with small artistic brushes...using a pouncing technique.

I then moved to the body.....again...starting with Peony....blending into Plum Crazy....then into Dixie Belle Blue and finally into Peacock.

Painted boho gumball machine | Tracey's Fancy

The bottom ring of the base was painted with Caviar and Cotton...because she did request a touch of Tracey's Fancy whimsy!

Next was the really fun part.....I painted my Wood U Bend moulds with detail!!!

I used the same colors mentioned above with the addition of Evergreen and Limeade.

Once my paint was dry on my moulds, I heated, glued, adhered in place, and reheated for a final press.....and as always......they completely changed the look of every project every time!!

Painted boho gumball machine | Tracey's Fancy

I used this gorgeous floral mould (#2098) front and center....just cut in half.  When heated it cuts so easily...I actually cut this with a plastic picnic knife.  I used mould #2152 on the glass dome....sort of as a low set boho crown.  I also use trim #50 on this gumball machine for the first time.  I didn't trim the others but I think I will from now on.

All moulds were painted or enhanced with Dixie Belle's new gold mousse that will be released to the public soon! I enhanced all molds and all crevices of the gumball machine with Best Dang Wax age and intensify the colors. The black wax just adds a richness that I love!

At the last minute, I decided to use a tiny little brush and run a wash of Muscadine Wine into the vertical lines on the body of the machine.  Any time you can add color to the deep it!

The entire machine is coated with Clear Top Coat in Gloss for durability and protection!

I LOVE THIS ONE! (I know....I say that every time)

More to come soon.....we need a boy one....boys need gumballs too!!! Remember, I now have easy ordering on my website here...

The "original" painted gumball machine

This princess gumball machine, requested by my three-year-old fancy grand for Christmas, started the whole painted gumball machine trend! Click here to see it in more detail.

Painted princess gumball machine | Tracey's Fancy

Painted Princess Gumball Machine

A different take on boho...

The boho style takes on many different looks. I also consider this look to be boho but with a brighter and more vibrant color palate. What do you think? See more of my boho gypsy bed HERE.

Boho Bed | Tracey's Fancy

Yellow Boho Bed

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