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Free Ultimate Furniture Painting Guide

How to Paint Rose Gold Metallic Furniture

Sometimes a vision just comes to life so if it was just waiting on you to prepare its space. That was my experience with this rose gold colored piece of metallic furniture!

How to Paint Rose Gold Metallic Furniture
Gray and Rose Gold Girls Bedroom by Tracey's Fancy
Gray and Rose Gold Girls Bedroom by Tracey's Fancy

I've completed many types of metallic furniture finishes over the years. I've most likely used every metallic paint on the market here in the US in pursuit of a rich and luxurious metallic finish. I am here to tell you......there is NO paint that will off the results that you get with metal leafing! I've created, sold and shipped silver leafed AND gold leafed furniture....but I had never ventured into the "rose gold" arena. Rose gold is trending big time.....along with copper....and it was really calling my name! So I ordered my supplies and and began the designing process in my mind! Old World came to mind.....I'm not sure why......but I just kept coming back to it. I wanted a metallic furniture finish with an old world shift. To achieve this....I chose a VERY ornate and strong french provincial chest of drawers. It stood strong....strong enough to not be overpowered by the metallic refection that it would the "rose gold/copper" leafing is VERY intense...much more so than any gold or silver that I have worked with. I painted the body of the piece in a creamy subtle tea rose......adding a wash and a glaze to add years of age and history. As be true to my branding I added a much softer version of stripes to the skirting....which keeps the piece from being too serious or dramatic. A little touch of "wonderland" never hurt anything...or anyone! The soft touch of charcoal stripes became inspiration for the overall room design that the pieces were used in. You can see the lamp base and lampshades here in the same tone. It's a wonderful balance with the pinks in the room. The use of a metallic furniture finish in this room added another layer of texture to a "texture filled" space....which was the overall goal here. The subtle tea rose color....the reflection of the leafing....the visible depths of the layering.....the butter smooth finish..... and the curves of the piece itself......take this space to a luxurious and dreamy level! If you would like to recreate a piece like this for your space.....but don't know where to start.....I have GREAT news!!! I have just released an in depth tutorial on the entire process.....and would love to share it with you!

Purchase my metallic furniture tutorial here

I am so excited about this tutorial! It’s is my most extensive teaching to date! It’s a full HOUR of instruction!!! Seriously! If you are ready to take your furniture painting skills up a notch by incorporating multiple techniques onto one piece....this French-inspired, aged-look tutorial for you!

I will guide you through:

  1. basic painting

  2. metal leaf application

  3. detailing

  4. glazing

  5. highlighting with glaze

  6. feathering

  7. crosshatching

  8. stripes

  9. metallic waxing

  10. painting/highlighting hardware

  11. .....and many other painting tips!

In just one will receive everything you need to create a gorgeous “old world finish” of your own....WITH CONFIDENCE!!!!

How to Paint Rose Gold Metallic Furniture

After you purchase this tutorial, you will be emailed a PDF with instructions on how to access the video. Please IMMEDIATLY download that PDF and save that email - you will have lifetime access to my Old World Rose Gold Tutorial! Would you like to see more of my unique art designs, fancy furniture makeovers and insight into my design process?! Sign up to get my emails here. See you next week! XOXO, Tracey

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How to Paint Metallic Furniture by Tracey's Fancy #rosegold painted furniture ideas girls bedroom furniture metal leafing gold leafing silver leafing
How to Paint Metallic Furniture by Tracey's Fancy #rosegold painted furniture ideas girls bedroom furniture metal leafing gold leafing silver leafing
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