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Tuxedo Striped End Table

This was such a fun project! I know I always say that.... .but this one REALLY was! I did it on LIVE video feed WITH a friend in another city!! It was my first time to paint LIVE with someone else.... and believe me when I tell you.... I plan to do it again VERY soon! Check out this tuxedo striped end table!

Mini Chest Makeover-Tracey's Fancy-After_

I was asked by Dixie Belle Paint Company to share with my viewers how to mix their paint colors to create new colors! They already offer 60 gorgeous colors.... but the possibility for even more are endless when you start to mix them together!

So of course I said YES..... AND I agreed to do this with Do Dodson Designs! Do (short for Donna) and I have so much in common (we are both grandmas, retired nurses, and furniture painters.... AND the same age) and we hit it off with ONE phone call!

You can actually watch the LIVE video of us painting together below!

Mini Chest Makeover-Tracey's Fancy-After_

Do and I agreed to try and locate mid size end tables to paint. I found this gorgeous European piece and knew instantly it was the right piece for this project! It was beautiful in its raw form..... but I couldn't wait to add some #fancy!

Dixie Belle asked me to mix Peony and Blueberry..... which gave me the most luscious lavender color! You can see this in the photo below. I used an equal ratio 1 : 1 of both colors.

Mini Chest Makeover-Tracey's Fancy-Front1_

And THIS is what my crazy brain led me to do!!!!

Mini Chest Makeover-Tracey's Fancy-After_

I didn't hold back ya'll..... I never can when it comes to that Peony pink!!! I want to paint the world in that color! And that Blueberry???? I honestly never thought I'd like it... LOL! But I do! I layered all three colors.... the Peony, the Blueberry.... AND the custom violet on the side panels.... sanded back..... and got this deep layering effect that is soooo freaking yummy!

Mini Chest Makeover-Tracey's Fancy-After_

I had originally planned a harlequin pattern on the sides panels.... but after tuxedo striping the front.... I felt it was too much... and chose to organically layer the sides instead! Thank you brain! I like!!!! And can you see that lavender used as an accent around the doors and drawers and on the trim work??

Mini Chest Makeover-Tracey's Fancy-After_

No #fancy project is complete without gold! Give me all the #gold! I gave all the raised carvings a good rub down with Dixie Belle's Gold Gilding Wax. I just use my finger (you can see me do this on the live video) for super easy application. And to intensify the gold in some areas.... AND on the hardware.... I used my trusty tiny bottle of Liquid Leaf Gold paint.

Mini Chest Makeover-Tracey's Fancy-After_

To complete this look....I used my electric sander and just got busy! I distressed the entire piece! I wanted an old word....well traveled look....and it just needed to be beat up a bit! And finally........ I slathered the entire piece in DBP BLACK glaze! Can you believe that??? You can't tell can you? But I really did! I covered every inch in the Black Glaze and wiped back off! It deepens your paint colors.... and gives a rich finish.... and seals your project at the same time! I couldn't be happier with the finished piece!!!

Now for ANOTHER treat!!

Check out Do's table!!!! She brings the popular farmhouse look to an otherwise very boring table....but with bright colors! She made TWO custom recipes to create this gorgeous salt-washed look! Quite obviously, she's very talented....and I look forward to many more projects with her! See more of her painted pieces here.

Love the Whimsy Wonderland?

If you are considering painting a piece of furniture in your home..... and you like Whimsy.... (which you MUST or you wouldn’t be following me right???)....but you are scared.... or hesitant.... or just don't know where to start..... I am here for you! I have another blended and custom color mix piece to share with you... I painted this piece a few weeks ago... you can see more pictures of it HERE. And, you'll never guess what was my inspiration for this painted chest, but if you watch TV with a Roku... you may have already seen it?

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

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See you next week! XOXO, Tracey

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Striped Furniture Ideas - FancyTuxedo Mini Chest by Tracey's Fancy | #furniture #furnituremakeover
Striped Furniture Ideas - FancyTuxedo Mini Chest by Tracey's Fancy | #furniture #furnituremakeover


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