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Farmhouse Vibe with a TEAL Dresser

Farmhouse Teal Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

My new RANT!

You can LOVE the farmhouse vibe…..and still embrace COLOR!

Just look at this rich teal dresser against the old barnwood in this photo! They are RICH and RAW….HIGH and LOW…..RUSTIC and GLAM….milk and cookies….bacon and eggs! You get it!

Mix it up people!!!! Keep it interesting!

This post is meant to be a drool-worthy photo post! This piece was featured online and in print…which means, it has received a TON of exposure. Because of this….. I have been asked many times what products I used on this teal dresser and what steps I took. And because I LOVE my peeps…I've answered every single time! And then duh! Why not just write a tutorial about the process…and make it available to everyone!

You can purchase the tutorial here where I provide you with a step-by-step video, print out instructions and complete supply list!

Farmhouse Teal Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

This dresser is an exquisite piece with or without paint....but it was worn and weathered and water logged from years of abuse! You can see in the photo below that the drawers have swelled and do not even function properly anymore.


That did not matter to me! I knew I wanted this as a feature piece in my home...and it needed to reflect my love of color!

Farmhouse Teal Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

I am so pleased with the outcome...and have no doubt I will keep it front and center in my home for years!

I hope you find the tutorial on this color process helpful! Search out a piece that has gorgeous carvings, several drawers....and speaks to you! Then highlight and color-wash the heck out of it....just like I show you in the tutorial video!

See you next week!



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Farmhouse Teal Dresser with highlighted layered paint effect | Tracey's Fancy
Farmhouse Teal Dresser with highlighted layered paint effect | Tracey's Fancy
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