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The First Ever Metallic Wood Plank Wall

My gorgeous plank wall all began in August of 2014. I was contacted by the owner of local baby boutique called Nursery Couture. She was working on a rustic/glam room design for a client. They wanted a feature wall made of wood planks....but with a little added FANCY. I had no idea when I accepted this job that it would be the most publicized project of mine EVER!

Let me introduce you to the ORIGINAL Metallic Wood Plank Wall!

Metallic Wood Plank Wall |for nursery Tracey's Fancy

This plank wall has been pinned on Pinterest by the millions.....recreated by DIY'ers around the world.....copied by other businesses (including the Flip or Flop show).....featured multiple times by Project Nursery....and was even in the local newspaper.....

Tracey's Metallic Wood Plank Wall in the newspaper

Who would have ever known when I sat in this little corner all by myself painting these boards that this plank wall would become so popular!

Tracey working in the corner of her Metallic Wood Plank Wall

Katy Mimari, the owner of Nursery Couture, had me design a plank wall in her shop after she saw the original completed project! It is such a stunning feature wall! I am not kidding when I tell you that anyone that sees this plank wall.....tries to decide where they can have a wall like it in their own home.

Jennifer Allwood of The Magic Brush (who is the creator of all things fabulous) put a metallic wood wall in her teenage son's room for a rustic/industrial vibe.

The picture below is the plank wall we built in Nursery Couture......

Metallic Wood Plank Wall for boys nursery | Tracey's Fancy

I honestly don't know how many plank walls I have done in total! I really wish I knew! Let me tell you this....they are NOT for the faint of heart to construct! And if I am to be totally honest they are exhausting. So exhausting that I have tried to retire them TWICE!!! But the request just keep coming in....and I have a really difficult time saying not to dollar signs...LOL! This is how I feel sometimes when working on them....

Tracey Building her Metallic Wood Plank Wall

When you see a plank wall....just know that each and every board has been hand selected in its raw form, purchased and loaded and unloaded, measured and marked, cut, painted, hand sanded (as you can see in the video clip below), packaged for shipment, and delivered to the shipper. It DOES not just jump up on that wall by itself! If it is a local wall....we then install the plank wall for our client.

But this is how I feel when I receive payment for completing them.....

Tracey's Metallic Wood Plank Wall

The room below I actually traveled to do...for an NBA player who was expecting a baby boy!!!

Metallic Wood Plank Wall for boys nursery | Tracey's Fancy

What makes this particular plank wall so special??? I believe it is the first feature wall that allows a little glam to be placed into a BOYS room!!! Let's face it! Decorating for boys is difficult! I know this personally.....I raised two of them myself! I LOVED decorating rooms for them....but it was always a stretch! This wall is rustic! The metallic silver can be seen as a little sparkle if you are using it in a nursery for a baby boy....but it can also be seen as industrial for older boys and be used with galvanized steel and metal. However, you will probably need a plasma cutter to cut metal like this - I would go for either the Hobart or Hypertherm model. It is versatile...and can grow from baby boy to young man.

The plank wall has gown since 2014. I have since designed walls in this exact same color for master bedrooms, media rooms and several kick plate walls under bar tops.

I have done the plank wall in golds and browns for a rustic/glam sitting room....

Rustic Metallic Wood Plank Wall in Browns

This plank wall was also done in pinks, silver AND gold for a baby girl nursery (the goofy carpenter in this photo is my adorable son-in-law).

Metallic Wood Plank Wall in Pink and Silver

And recently I was asked to do an OUTDOOR version of my plank wall in a crossfit gym! This was my first RAW version without any glam at all.

A Crossfit gym's wood plank wall

Wood Wall Gallery

Click on any photo to get a closer look at the rooms and the wall designs.

I love receiving photos of their rooms after they have installed it themselves! Nowadays it seems to be a huge trend to have photographers come into the baby nurseries and photograph newborns IN their room....and that has been a huge bonus for me! I get some fabulous photos from clients!!! has been a wonderful adventure!

Thanks as always,

XXOO Tracey

Please pin my metallic wood plank wall so your followers can drool .... and follow me on Pinterest! And to see of my original painted designs, subscribe to my blog!!!

Pin it: The Original Metallic Plank Wal | Tracey's Fancy
Pin it: The Original Metallic Plank Wal | Tracey's Fancy
Pin it: The Original Metallic Plank Wal | Tracey's Fancy

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