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The Gilded Peacock - A Layered Paint Look

I have always loved the colors of a peacock feather! Over the years I have been asked to imitate this color combo on furniture….and I've gone about it several ways. This layered paint look experiment was by far the easiest of the techniques….AND resulted in the most luxurious finish! So I decided to share with you….as I am asked the question so often….."how do you achieve a layered paint look?". This is one VERY simple way!

This desk began with a very "orangey-ish" look that I had no doubt would bleed through my colors and cause me problems! So Julie gave it a quick simple brushed on layer of Shellac

This post contains Amazon affiliate shopping links for your convenience. I will earn a small commission off your purchase at no cost to you. I am not paid to use these products, after years and years of painting, I am sharing my only the products I use and love and would recommend.


I then gave it a quick coat of a highly pigmented blue by Heirloom Traditions Paint called Danube. And I mean a quick….like slapped on quick!

One coat of Danube

The next step is to seal this coat of blue so that it is NOT removed when I sand to EXPOSE it….hence the "layering". So Danube is now dry and I slapped on a coat of General Finishes Water-Based Top Coat in Satin

I honestly do not EVER wait as long as you are instructed to in between layers….but in this case the vanity sat overnight because real life happens sometimes. The next day I had a friend visiting and she volunteered to help while I worked on several projects. She had NO experience with chalk paint….so I thought….what the heck?! Let's just throw this at her. I gave her a can of Tanya and one of my Best Chalk Brushes from HTP and let her go! She did this at mock speed! One coat and this vanity was covered! There was ZERO Danube showing through! This paint has incredible coverage! Not to mention she was feeling pretty professional! Thanks, Donna! Now let's watch paint dry!

Tanya over Danube

Total Tonya!

It's time to bring through the under layers. I began with the drawers. I used a 220 grit sanding paper

Light sanding exposing blue underneath! Yay!

It doesn't take much at all to exposed the underlayer! And it is so exciting as it comes through….really y'all…..I get really excited! So I sanded all 6 drawers and then went after the body! It all looked just like the above pictures when I was done…..I just forgot to snap a photo. Mostly because I could not WAIT to start with the colored wax! I had decided to do the the drawers and the top surface in more of a blue while leaving the body in a green tone. And this is how it went down….beware….lots of pics!

Heavily brushed on a layer of Periwinkle Wax, which is like whipped heaven!!!!! The wax also comes in a spray form, which is pretty amazing too. (NOTE: Periwinkle is no longer available) I was careful to really load it in the low lying crevices around the details! That is where it will live forever after I wipe off the excess wax. Here is how it looks as you cover it in colored wax….

Brushing on Periwinkle Wax

Once the drawer is fully covered I then wiped off the excess wax with a clean cotton cloth. It is super easy to remove and really a "no brainer"…so don't be afraid!

After wiping off excess wax….so gorgeous!!!!

I can't even tell you how excited I was with this color combo!!! Just look at the comparison above…..from the waxed drawers on top to the non-waxed on bottom!!! Both are pretty….but that Periwinkle Wax just took pretty layered paint to another level!

All drawers are completed….but missing something…so I had to do it! Bring on the gold! 'Cuz when your UGS are gold sequined…you have permission to make anything GOLD!

Gold UGS= Gold Trim

My "go-to" gold is from is a Liquid Gold Leaf


I then did this exact same Periwinkle waxing process on the top surface…but again….I forgot to stop for pics. Probably because at this point I am ONLY thinking about breaking out the Peacock Soft Wax! I realize that the Peacock Wax is almost the exact hue as the Tanya paint….but knew it would just deepen it ever so slightly and bring out the rich pigment of the green! So here it goes….

Peacock Soft Wax….so RICH!

I brushed this on the entire body making sure to get deep into any grooves so it could settle as an accent. And then like before….I wiped back the wax with another clean rag! And then I stood back and fell hard in love… at first sight…and it was SO easy!!!!!

Look at that picture up there!!! It's like a sunset…but the blue-green version! Look at that layered paint!

It's not me, people! It's the products! I promise!!!! You can achieve this layered look in any color combo you want…just follow my lead! I hope this inspires you to make a layered paint furniture too!

And thank you! Thank you for your time here with me! Thank you for your love and comments on our blog and social media! You inspire me daily… try and continue to inspire others!

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* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.



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