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Top Ten Black and White Painted Furniture Ideas

The possibilities of decorating with black and white are endless!

I am drawn to the black and white combo almost as much as I am drawn to doughnuts (which, unfortunately, is a lot!)

I paint my walls black and white……I dress in black and white…..I wrap my gifts in black and white….I buy black and white wall art….AND I PAINT truckloads of furniture in black and white!

I decided it would be fun to rally a few of my favorite bloggers together….to share their black and white creations too. I LOVE being allowed to peek into other furniture artists creative minds!

So let's go!!!

Tracey's Top Ten Black and White Furniture

1. Vintage and Chic

I love so many things about this piece! The shape of the chest….the staging…and the clean simple lines enhanced by the contrast of black and white…. right down to the drawer pulls. Painted by Leticia at Vintage and Chic.

Black and White Furniture Ideas Traceys Fancy

2. Thirty Eighth Street

Holy happy grunge!!!! This piece is amazing!! The contrast here being the clean classy hollywood vintage lines….painted with the freedom an unfinished look. It is almost thought-provoking! Carrie painted this with a dry brushing technique over at Thirty Eighth Street.

Black and White Furniture Ideas - Thirty Eighth Street

3. Tracey's Fancy

Black and white is often used on pieces with geometric patterns…and this dresser is a fine example of that. Note the enhanced silver hardware! I painted this and you can see my earlier blog post here, along with a tip how to paint metallic hardware!

Black and White Furniture IDeas | Tracey's Fancy

4. Refunk My Junk

I absolutely love that this piece is "hard stripes" without a care in the world for the actual shape of the desk. The stripes are going on no matter what!!! Note that gold is used here for enhancement. Allison painted this beauty at Refunk My Junk.

Black and White Furniture Ideas Traceys Fancy

5. Lovely Etc.

This is such a simple utilitarian piece….nothing spectacular about is shape. But it PACKS a PUNCH with its presence! Carrie from Lovely Etc. painted this gorgeous piece. She has a few tips on her blog for painting black and white furniture.

Black and White Furniture Ideas Traceys Fancy

6. Rehab to Fab

The black and white combo serve as the perfect backdrop for the new and stunning copper hardware on this mid century mod piece! Stephanie of Rehab to Fab painted this stunning piece.

Black and White Furniture Ideas Traceys Fancy

7. Mary Beth's Place

The shape and style of this French Provincial chest has been taken up to the "black tie" level with the new black/white/gold combo! Mary Beth from Mary Beth's Place painted this Drexel.

Black and White Furniture Ideas Traceys Fancy

8. Beautifully Damaged

There is a playful vibe coming from this dresser. I think it comes from the white circle drawer pulls combined with the stripes…..keeping it in the whimsical arena for me. You know I LOVE whimsy!!! Jessica from Beautifully Damaged painted this treasure!

Black and White Furniture Ideas

Jessica from Beautifully Damaged

9. Enchanting Patina Furniture

This is the only piece in this round up that is not distinctly black and white…..but more of the blend of the two colors that were used to create this gorgeous gothic and smoky finish. Christina from Enchanted Patina designed this beauty!

Black and White Furniture Ideas - Enchanting Patina

10. Tracey's Fancy

Speaking of whimsy, the harlequin pattern is a favorite of mine….and it always looks its absolute best when done in black and white. You can see a few more pictures of this piece on my earlier blog here.

Black and White Furniture | Tracey's Fancy

Black and White Furniture Ideas

Here's a gorgeous recap in no particular order. It is my hope that you will take the time to visit each of these artists on their own platform. They were so kind to participate in this round up…..and I appreciate each of them! Each photo below will take you directly to them!

More of Tracey's B&W furniture

The pieces below didn't make the cut because I had so many beautiful submissions from other bloggers. Feel free to learn more about them by clicking on each photo below.

****the story behind the making of the bed is my favorite…..and the Jack Daniels dresser was my favorite one to paint****


This is how I paint my favorite black and white -- you can purchase this combo in my shop today!

Want to know my secret weapons? Get my list of my favorite brushes for painting furniture HERE.

Thank you so much for your taking the time to read this and admire our feature furniture designs. Don't forget to sign up for more of my FANCY DESIGNS here.

See you next week!



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A Gorgeous Collection Black and White Furniture Ideas by Tracey's Fancy | Painted Furniture & Furniture Painting Ideas
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