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Tween Bedroom Makeover (Our Ever-changing Decor)

Our family refers to this room as the "ever evolving" room of Zadie.

And as much as I hate to admit it.....they are right.

Welcome to the current state of Zadie Jayne's version of a tween room.....featuring the THIRD style of bed in less than one year!

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As you can see.....I have finally "allowed" a bunk bed.

I fought it long and hard....but after seven years of "NO"s.....I just gave up and gave in.

Bunk beds are a designers nightmare.

They are big and bulky.....not very pretty.....and I just don't care for them.

But with so many sleepovers....and grandbabies....and hanging just made sense. Besides, they're not supposed to be for me and they absolutely love the bunk bed. If you've got kids that age, you can find kids bunk beds on sale online that could absolutely make their day.

She opted to keep the fancy and vintage french dresser, nightstand and chandelier.....which really help to keep the room feminine against the blocki-ness of that beast of a bed (you can tell i'm still not a!).

We did add the clear acrylic desk and ghost chair (which keep it light and airy) AND that amazing wicker egg chair in the corner!!!!

That chair is every girls dream!!! We originally bought one for my granddaughter can see her room makeover here. Zadie had a flippin' cow when she saw it so we surprised her with one for her birthday!

Ignore the drapes! They are just sad and so not blog worthy....but they will do until we get new windows and plantation shutters. My plans are for gray velvet....floor to ceiling!

Zadie really does make her bed everyday! I did NOT stage this photo...I promise!

She is a "soft blanket" and pillow junkie....collecting them from every room and every store possible! I DID have to remove a few folded blankets and a few crazy pillows.....before I took this picture!

But for the most part...her room looks like this everyday...thank goodness...since I have to pass it to get into my own room 500,000 times a day!

Just in case you are curious...I've included two more photos .......of this same room....with the two most recent beds.....going backwards in time.....

The one below was the queen size....simple modern....hand me down bed from her older brothers house. Her bed prior to this was a full'll see it in just a minute.

She loved this clean boxy style.....even though it wasn't the velvet tufted headboard like Sophie's .....she was still happy to have it!

As you can see here.....

Zadie her very own "ever-evolving" room. She loves her new room and I can tell she's super happy with it. The only other thing she wants to do is get a photo lamp (or lampe photo imprimée en 3D as they'd say in France), to go on her bedside table. She's not a fan of her current lamp situation so I'm sure she'll order a new one soon!

BUT THIS.......was my favorite version of this room!!!

The full size....."hand me down" from her great grandmother....antique Eastlake style gorgeous bed!!!!

But the room is Zadie's....and when she was much smaller...this bed scared her...LOL!

And as she's grown...she's also grown an opinion.....and she doesn't care for it....says its too "heavy".....(hello??? that bunk bed is heavy!) we've moved on.

Don't worry....the gorgeous antique heirloom is now in our guest room.....I didn't let it go far!

I LOVE it!!! And in case you are wondering.....NO! I will NEVER paint it! I love the color of the wood so much! I'm actually thinking about getting some Georgian Doors to match the bed (and the rest of the house). Our doors are old and battered now so I think it's time to get some new ones. I just love the Georgian design style!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek inside Zadie's room!

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