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Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

This Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table is très magnifique!

vintage checkered side table by Traceys Fancy

Sometimes I crave the use of a new color combo!

Today's project features a clay paint color that is not part of my normal palette.

Before I share that particular color. let me tell you about the twist and turns along the way.

I think I may suffer from "too many product options"!

This single thrift store table consists of Terra clay paint, Silk all-in-one paint, AND chalk-mineral paint. There are certain qualities about each line of paint that I find unique and really helpful! And sometimes I may use a color from one line.....and change my mind...and change it THIS time! But I still want to give you the whole story, not leaving out any steps! I like to think it helps you at home as you face these challenges yourself!

Watch the whole process on YouTube:

Check out this week's video here.

Let's see how this Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table came to be!

As always, I cleaned with a healthy shower of White Lightning followed by a fresh rinse with water. I then primed the entire piece using my favorite primer: B.O.S.S. in gray!

Plain side table used to create Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

BOSS Prime used on Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

Painting with BOSS in gray to primer side table for Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

Once the primer was dry, I painted the tabletop in Silk Oyster. I love to use Silk paint when painting the checkerboard pattern. It dries with such a silky finish and already contains a single dose of top coat!

Using SILK Oyster on Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

Using a blue sponge applicator to add silk oyster onto Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

Finished application of silk oyster onto Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

(Inspiration side note: I knew I wanted to use pieces of the new Vintage Post transfer along with the Buds and Branches transfer so I chose colors that worked well with them)

Vintage Post Transfer from Dixie Belle Belle's and Whistles line

DB Buds and branches transfer

I decided to try the color Morning Sunrise (Silk line), for what I believe to be the first time, for the entire base of the table. As it dried, I just felt it was more lavender than I really wanted.

Silk Morning Sunrise on Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

Painting on Morning Sunrise onto Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

So I toned it down (or actually covered it all up) with Wisteria Mist (Terra line) which has a lavender undertone but is much more muted and gray. I show the difference between the two shades here. It definitely helped tone things down!

Difference in color between Morning Sunrise and Wisteria Mist

Using Onyx (Terra) I blended it into the wet Wisteria Mist around the bottom of the table which offered a gorgeous charcoal gray base! I love this color. I also decided to use a brush to introduce Onyx into the deep grooves of the legs and using water and a large brush, I buffed it out to just add depth and shadow to those grooves.

Moving on to the skirt around the tabletop, I began taping off stripes. Hint: I use a few pieces of painter's tape to space out my stripes (below). It's easy, simple, and only requires ONE thing!

The Silk paint can be sensitive and needs extra cure time. So when I would lift my tape, the paint was lifting as well. So to speed things along, I decided to paint over the Silk Oyster on that skirt with Fluff (chalk line) and force dry it with a heat gun so I could move right along. This worked beautifully and the paint no longer wanted to lift when taping.

Now for the fun part!

Using Onyx, I applied black paint to every open space of the taped stripes. I usually paint two stripes and remove the tape, and repeat until done! Beautiful!

So now we are left with the top surface of the table for which I had BIG plans!!

Feeling whimsy, I began by choosing the portions of the Buds and Branches transfer that I wanted to use and trimming them from the sheets.

When I was happy with that, I then chose two pieces from the Vintage Post transfer (I love the tied postcards as well as a piece that looks like an old ticket or receipt of some sort). I laid out all designs to choose the exact placement before I began to transfer the images onto the table beginning with the postcards. I layered on florals, and even added the clear/black outline florals on the outer edges as well as a butterfly! It is the perfect setting for my next design choice.


What I wanted was to top this table with a splattering of checks! I am SO pleased with the transfer and check combination! I drew out my vertical and horizontal lines using a yardstick, making sure not to make a pencil mark once I reached a transfer edge.

It was important to me to have the same color on the checks as the custom blended charcoal base of the table. So I used a small bowl to mix the Onyx and Wisteria Mist until I got the exact deep gray that I was after! Using my DB artist brush, I began painting in every other square. I timed myself ONLY because y'all...... always ask!!! I free-hand painted all the squares you see here in just 45 minutes!! I've had LOTS of practice, but you already know that!

Painting on checker pattern on table top

Painting checkers onto top of Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table

Don't you love it????

I really really love it!

But it was still missing something......

And as always, I go for the gold!

Gold gilding wax was used to add a bit of fancy and a pop of pizzazz to the outer edge of the tabletop as well as the top ring of the base!


Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table angled view

I allowed this to dry overnight before top coating.

Afterward, I lightly burnished the transfers using the applicator pad to make sure all bubbles were removed.

When that was done, I applied one coat of Satin to the tabletop, let it dry, and followed with a single coat of Gator Hide for extra protection.

The legs and base of the table were finished with the Terra Wax by applying it with the Best Dang Brush. I let this soak in overnight and buffed it back the following morning for a gorgeous sheen.

And our Vintage Bloom Checkered Side Table is done!

It might be a small-ish table, but it packs a powerful punch to the eyes!!!

I would love to know if this color combination speaks to you!

Another DIY project to inspire you!

Dresser with Alice 2 and buds & branches transfer from Dixie Belle

Want more fancy furniture & design?

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