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Water washed gray armoire: boho whimsy to neutral chic

Welcome to my most unnerving projects to date! My newest transformation into this water washed gray armoire!

The first painting phase of this glorious armoire was vastly different from this final phase. The first phase was colorful and wild and a little chaotic. It was created within a closed FB group that I hold near and dear to my heart....and the memory of that process is mine forever.

After months of being "on the market" became evident to me that I was going to either have to literally give it away or spend some time recreating it to appease the masses.....and make it more marketable.

Water washed gray armoire by Traceys Fancy

That was a tough call. Not only had I invested over 20 hours into the original design finish...but I'd used a ton of product....and then there was my PRIDE! I'll admit is not the best feeling to have people not recognize the value in your finished art and be excited about it. BUT..... there is growth in adapting. And I enjoy ALL after swallowing the jagged pill of rejection (just kidding...but not really).....I knew the RE-painting process would undoubtedly still bring me joy!

I chose to openly admit to my social media following....that I was planning to repaint...AND to take them along with me. Many were surprised...many were sad....many were screaming NO! Well....hello....! That first swipe of paint is going down speak now or forever hold your PIECE (see what I did there)!

Let me share the photo documentary with you here...

Before .... See more of this Boho Gypsy Whismy look HERE!

One solid coat of Dixie Belle's NEW French Linen

Color washing with the addition of Gravel Road and the NEW Antebellum Blue.

Water washed gray armoire by Traceys Fancy

The addition of the NEW Dixie Belle metallic paint Steel Magnolia on the carvings

Metallics added to the right door but not yet to the left door

Adding Dixie Dirt and Dark Wax for shading and depth

Water washed gray armoire by Traceys Fancy

See how I do this highlight & shade with this short tutorial video HERE...

Addition of the raised stencil technique on the side panels

And the final finish!

Water washed gray armoire by Traceys Fancy

I really do love this new look! It has an organic and naturally subtle beauty!

Water washed gray armoire by Traceys Fancy

See how I created this blended look with this short tutorial video HERE...

I very much enjoyed creating her on LIVE video with my Whimsical Wednesday crowd.....and I am thankful for their input and direction on the design.

Water washed gray armoire by Traceys Fancy

I feel ZERO regret in repainting it.....and I believe this was a great opportunity to show a contrast of style from a single piece! Just take a look at the difference between all three looks! It's remarkable what a little paint can do.

Now let's get this baby sold and move onto the next Whimsical Wednesday project!

I hope to see you there!

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