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What are nightshades and do I need to avoid them?

Let's get real REAL here folks! I had someone mention the word "nightshades" to me years ago! This was an older and very wise gentleman. He told me he had removed them from his diet and no longer suffered joint pain.

I thought he's lost his mind!

I really did......I judged this man's sanity. I had never even heard of a nightshade...much less its reputation for being an inflammatory response trigger.....oh wait! I hadn't even heard of "inflammatory response" and I was an RN!!!


Fast-forward several years......and it is now ME telling YOU the same thing.

I have removed nightshades from my diet (along with many other food triggers that I have discovered) and I no longer suffer from all over joint pain. Especially noted decreased pain in my hands, feet and lower spine.

Do you live with joint paint?

Do you find yourself popping Ibuprofen like skittles just to get through the day?

Are you believing the lie that joint paint is just part of aging? I mean maybe some of it is....but at 54.....I don't need to feel like I'm 84! I had 84-year-old friends running circles around my 50-year-old self....what the heck?

Nightshades people!

What are nightshades? |

Nightshades vegetables are part of a plant family that contains solanine. This is a natural alkaloid that is toxic in high concentrations. Many people (not all) are sensitive to the effects of ME!

There really is only one way to determine if you are sensitive to nightshades or not.....and that is to remove them from your diet completely for a short period of time and then reintroduce them and see if you detect a response in the way of joint pain. My response to re-introducing nightshades was not subtle at all! It hit me like a brick the following morning after consuming nightshades the night before. I've since tried to reintroduce them again....with the same inflammatory response! I have difficult uncurving my fingers in the soon as I know I am awake...the pain is real in my hands. Then it intensifies when my feet hit the floor! The pain is undeniable. And don't even get me started on my lower back pain. This response usually lasts a few days before it fully subsides.

Just imagine...if I was unaware of nightshades being a food trigger...I would continue to eat them daily...and be suffering this pain day in and day out...just as I had for years!


I am including a list of nightshades for you below. If you suffer from joint pain of any kind...I highly recommend you try removing these from your diet for a few weeks....and see if you find relief. If you are not sure.....try to eat just ONE nightshade again.....and see how you feel for the next 24 hours. It's honestly worth the try!

nightshades collage |

I am not old or wise.....but I have seen this work for people in my health and wellness group THE BEST YOU time and time again. We continue to be amazed by the results weekly! Why don't doctors suggest this when we visit them looking for arthritis and chronic pain relief??? That's a topic I could write about for hours.....but not today!


  1. white potatoes

  2. tomatoes (any sauce that contains tomato products as well)

  3. eggplant

  4. peppers (including bell, sweet, jalapeño, chili)

  5. goji berries

  6. pimento

  7. cayenne

  8. paprika

I'd love to know if you give this a try and what your results are. And feel free to tell me you think I'm crazy! I get it.....I felt the same about that wise man years ago!

I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to get all my health and wellness tips first!! And as always, sign up to get my emails here to see more of my clean eating, healthy living, and more fun tips!

See you next week!




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