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Whimsical Cat Art for the #catlover

Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy

I am NOT the crazy cat lady. In fact.....I'm not even a cat person! I have allergies!!! However....I have several friends and family members who make a hobby out of collecting every stray cat they can find! And for that I am thankful! I am also thankful for my client who loves cats so much...that she asked me to create this whimsical cat ART for her! * This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy
Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy
Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy
Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy

If I had to pick a favorite....I'd choose the one below. She just seems so chill and confident! This guy is just downright cranky...... My husband made the frames by he does on all of my hand-painted signs. I really like the contrast of black on white....and white on black. I included a random polka-a-dot sign to hang with the will actually serve as a backdrop for my client's daughter's name done in a wooden bright yellow!! This entire collection will hang in her room!

Love the Whimsy Wonderland?

If you are considering painting a piece of furniture in your home.....and you like Whimsy....(which you MUST or you wouldn’t be following me right???)....but you are scared....or hesitant....or just don't know where to start.....I am here for you! All you have to do is submit your email below and I will be in touch soon!

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Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy
Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy
Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy
Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy

Just for fun....I photographed the three fur-fancies on my harlequin felt "gallery-ish" to me!  LOL! I used Dixie Belle Paints in Fluff and Caviar to paint the back drops and frames.  The cats are painted with an assortment of acrylic craft paints.

It's a nice break from furniture when I'm asked to do something creative on canvas or wood! But I will soon as I wrapped up this project.....I was looking for another dresser to tackle!


Here are the Dixie Belle Paints I used on the frames and other Amazon supplies I used for this project.

Tune in next week for the next fancy project ... sign up to get my emails here. See you next week! XOXO, Tracey

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Cat Art by Tracey's Fancy_ Hand-painted Cat Art and Wall Art, Cat Artwork, Cat Gift Ideas, ANimal Lover, Pet Owner, Pet Art, DIY Art Ideas, Wall Decor for the #catlover #catlife #catoftheday
Cat Artwork for the #crazycatlady by Tracey's Fancy| Hand-painted Cat Art and Wall Art, Wall Decor for the #catlover #catlife #catoftheday

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