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Whimsy Grandfather Clock

I can't wait to chime in about this Whimsy Grandfather Clock!

Whimsy Grandfather Clock on full frontal display showcasing use of paint, patterns, and transfers

Do you want to know what I love most about this Whimsy Grandfather Clock project?

That anyone can do it!

It may look extremely complicated and advanced level, but it's not!

It's just multiple patterns, colors, and techniques placed next to one another, but they are created individually and anyone can do that!

FB Marketplace find of grandfather clock that is turned into Whimsy Grandfather Clock

clock primed using BOSS in gray to act as a basecoat before being painted and turned into Whimsy Grandfather Clock

I just recently offered a grandfather clock painting class (in fact you can still join and watch the instruction on replay), and this is my completed masterpiece!

Matt refers to it as my "marathon clock" as it seems to have taken forever, but that was LIFES' fault; not the clocks or the artist!

Showing frontal view of Whimsy Grandfather Clock during painting process using Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint, transfers, and gold gilding wax

Taping off sections for stripes to be painted on the edges of Whimsy Grandfather Clock

Painting small checker pattern onto clock using Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

There is something so incredibly magical about grandfather clocks!

I, of course, love the ringing of the chimes and the ticking of the pendulum, but it's more than that for me.

It represents my childhood.

The magic of sleeping over at my grandparents' home.

In the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the CLOCK!

Beauty and the Beast with the furniture that comes to life!

And because of this, I am drawn to clocks, and am driven to add life in color to their frames!

There are NO limits to what you can do with these large pieces!

However, mine goes WHIMSY. Every. Single. Time!

Sunset pattern on side of Whimsy Grandfather Clock using WoodUBend applique, Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint, and gold gilding wax

Showing whimsical pattern, color blending, and checkers on bottom front of Whimsy Grandfather Clock
Whimsical stripes and colors on Whimsy Grandfather Clock that was created using Transfers, chalk mineral paint, and gold gilding wax

The placement of stripes and checks creates a playful vibe...

The colors of the sunset blend together to remind us to relax...

The addition of the framed blue sky reminds us that we can always create our own beautiful day...

The sprinkle of gold amongst the design keeps it just fancy enough...

And tucked deep inside our Whimsy Grandfather Clock lies a hidden whimsical black and white butterfly and whimsical floral garden, as if it's a secret.

Showing the whimsical transfers on interior of Whimsy Grandfather Clock

The view of the clock from down below, looking upward at its beauty is my favorite shot. It takes me to the same vision of my grandparents' clock as a child. The clock was huge in my memory, but only because I was so small!

Angled view of completed Whimsy Grandfather Clock made by upcycling clock and using DB chalk mineral paint, Silk paint, transfers, and gold gilding wax

If this inspires you, maybe you will begin to play with the idea of painting one, in your own style and colors, for your own home.

If you feel that you would like to try but would prefer support and guidance; grab the course! 

I show you how to tackle this somewhat overwhelming project, one color, one pattern, and one step at a time!

I have listed below the products I used to create this piece in hopes that it will assist you in gathering your supplies!

A resource to help you get your whimsy on:

Tracey's Fancy Grandfather Clock Tutorial

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