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Wine Box Repurposed Pet Bed

I am so excited to bring you this project! It's different! It's affordable! It's easy! My wine-box-repurposed pet bed!

(This post contains some affiliate links for your shopping convenience for the same products I use. Any purchase helps support my blog and future furniture creations! So THANK YOU!)

Tell me you don't love it!!! Isn't it glamorous??? The wine box is the perfect size for your small pup or your precious kitty. Or how about a pup or kitty that belongs to someone you know…and you want to MAKE THEIR DAY with this gift!

I have made several versions of this repurposed pet bed…but this is my absolute favorite! It's just so FANCY! And I'll let you in on a little secret….it is solid! I made this bed almost 3 years ago for my daughter's kitten…and it has been used every day since…and I didn't touch up one single bit of it for this photo shoot! This repurposed pet bed looks as pretty today as it did the day I gifted it to her!

Did you know you can pick up FREE wooden wine boxes at you local liquor stores??? Yep! You can! So go get yourself one and make it a repurposed pet bed! If it's easier, you can also order this old-fashioned Wooden Wine Box from Amazon

The shot below shows a few supplies I used….

  1. a fun stencil

You will also need a drill, wood glue

I loved this project so much that I chose it as an example of my work to share on a local network daytime DIY segment called SA Live! Oh My WORD!!!! This TV show was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!! Here is a short video that gives a few more details of the overall process for making the fabulous and oh-s0-FANCY pet bed!

I chose Heirloom Traditions Paint in Raven and Chantilly… (use my coupon code FANCY to get 10% off your order) and then Modern Masters Metallic Olympic Gold

fringy-beaded-trim"…..because that is where the FANCY is!

Well this was certainly fun and I hope you are inspired!

Seriously…if you happen to tackle a repurposed pet bed of your own…share your photos with me! I wanna see!

Until next time……

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XOXO, Tracey

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