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A Wonderland Vanity

This. This is my happy place.

My excitement meter shoots up about 220% when someone contacts me and ask me to do something in Alice in Wonderland style. And get this…..they PAY ME to do it!!! They offer me $$$ to go to MY HAPPY PLACE! Is this really even work??? Not this piece….no work here…just pure enjoyment creating this wonderland vanity.

Blue Painted Vanity | Tracey's Fancy

I started with the top surface….and yes…I did!

Another rabbit hole! My first rabbit hole piece was a Jack Daniels dresser which you can check out here. I loved the whimsy of it so much and have been anxiously waiting for another piece to lend itself to a repeat. It just catches people off guard…..and I love that!

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Blue Painted Vanity | Tracey's Fancy

I used the softer color palette on the body. I wanted to represent the authentic look of the baby blue dress that we all remember Alice wearing in the book. My client asked me to try and incorporate a bit of "mermaid" into the wonderland vanity….LOL! Let's be honest……that seemed really odd! But she actually owns two of my very over-the-top mermaid chairs. Have you seen them? Check them out here. They sit at the head of her antique dining table. I think she plans to use this piece in that same room. So I opted to fade in some sea green and ocean blues together on the side panels…and I feel it really gave it the ocean look she was hoping it would have.

And speaking of mermaid….if you look closely at the right and left top drawers…they have a design that is very reminiscent of a mermaid tail to me. I'm not sure she will even pick up on that….but I did!

Blue Painted Vanity | Tracey's Fancy

I added a soft pink to the inside panels of the wonderland vanity for two reasons. One….it is one of the colors in her mermaid chairs. And I felt it also represented the inside of a conch shell….lending more of the ocean feel. I guess I really could have gone with a coral…but the pink just felt right. I painted the edged details of the piece in one of my favorite gold paints - Modern Masters Olympic Gold.

Blue Painted Vanity | Tracey's Fancy

And there really is no explanation needed for those crazy beautiful feet on the vanity!

This piece now resides in Florida….

Blue Painted Vanity | Tracey's Fancy

I hope you have enjoyed this piece of whimsy. I've listed all colors used below.

Remember….you can always anchor a colorful piece with the black and white combination. You may not choose to use a " rabbit hole pattern"….but a simple check or stripe has the same effect. Get my tips for painting black and white patterns here.

Blue Painted Vanity | Tracey's Fancy

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