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Stunning DIY Entryway Transformation: Yellow Floral Table Makeover

Woah! This yellow color blended floral entry table is a project that is WAY our of my comfort zone pulling in colors from fall!!

We see them as colors from fall but many of you may use these colors in your home year round!

It is a beautiful color palette.....just far away from my standard bright and cooler tones.

Yellow Color Blended Floral Design Entry Table by Traceys Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!


So... why THIS color palate?

So why did I choose to this color palate?

fall color palette by Traceys Fancy

Because I enjoy a challenge!  You know this!

I also like the outlined vibe of these florals.  They are not meant to look real at all.  They are clearly meant to look hand drawn....or almost "pop-arti-ish"....which is a style I really like.

Timeless Petals Floral Design Transfer Close Up

They very much remind me of my own style of drawing/painting.

The Before: Thift Store Find!

I found this adorable entry way (or foyer if you're fancy) piece at my local thrift store for next to nothing!

thrifted entry table before makeover

I loved the shape of it and felt it was perfect for the size and flow of this Timeless Petals Transfer.  

Supplies Used: Yellow Floral Entry Table Makeover

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Yellow Color Blended Floral Entry Table Makeover

Time for a color challenge (for me)! Let me walk you through my process.

Prepping Entry Table for Design Transfer

After a really good clean with White Lightning.... I painted the entire body of the piece in Colonel Mustard Yellow

entry table with yellow base color


Do you remember THIS Butterfly Nightstand I did recently? It uses the exact same color palette with a completely different look.

butterfly nightstand close up by Traceys Fancy


Once dry I created a blended look using Lemonade in the middle for the highlight....and Mud Puddle around the outer edge as the lowlight. 

yellow color blended entry table makeover by Traceys Fancy

And to finish it off....I painted the top of the piece as well as the bottom trim in Coffee Bean...and blended that into the Mud Puddle a bit to deepen it for a more dramatic look.

Applying the Timeless Petals Floral Transfer

The transfer itself was very easy to apply.  

It comes as one large well as an entire sheet of individual flowers and smaller bouquet that you can sprinkle around your creation or add to the large bouquet to make it even bigger.....which is what I did. 

Timeless Petals Floral Design Transfer by Dixie Belle

I wanted the final florals to almost reach each side.  So I just continued to add extra florals and greenery until my bouquet was nice and fluffy on the sides!  

Yellow Color Blended Floral Design Entry Table by Traceys Fancy

And finally...STRIPES!

I just couldn't leave this piece looking so serious!

I used the Lemonade with the Colonel Mustard to create stripes on both sides.

I then buried my stripes by shading the outer edges with Mud Puddle and a bit of Coffee Bean

Yellow Color Blended Floral Design Entry Table by Traceys Fancy

The Finished Look: Yellow Color Blended Floral Table

The entire piece, including the transfer design, is top sealed with a clear satin top coat.  

The original hardware was updated with Coffee Bean which I love!

The whole piece makes me happy!  

Yellow Color Blended Floral Design Entry Table by Traceys Fancy

To be honest.....I also LOVED this piece in just the bright happy yellow! This was already such an update!

entry table before and after yellow paint makeover

Taking a piece from dark and dreary to "hello look at me now" is so satisfying!

I hope this blog inspires you check out your local thrift store for something to have fun with....or maybe something dark and forgotten about in your own home!

More Inspiration: Vintage Thrift Store Transformations

I pulled a few blogs from past projects that came to mind when working on this piece! I hope you can use them to draw inspiration for your upcoming project. Here are the additional designs for your inspiration:  

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Yellow Color Blended Floral Design Entry Table by Traceys Fancy

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