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Before and After of a Fun Fresh Yellow Hutch

Nothing says "happy" quite like sunshine yellow! Wait until you see this bright and fun yellow hutch...

Why is it that we tend to shy away from yellow in our design elements?

This post will show you how I used different shades of yellow from Dixie Belle Paint on ONE single piece of furniture for a design element WIN!

* This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

French Yellow Hutch | Tracey's Fancy

Before: Yellow Hutch

I found this hutch at a local auction.

I realize it is stunning as it is! However, I had been asked to artistically paint a fabulous statement piece of furniture using various shades of yellow!

Well as I mentioned above…most of us do not use yellow for more than just pops of color…much less as many different shades on a LARGE piece!

The Design Plan

I studied the shades and chose my favorite which happens to be Daisy. This bright and cheerful yellow would be the focal color with Lemonade as the highlights. I opted to display the other shades (Rebel Yellow and Colonel Mustard) as a backdrop in a subtle yet dramatic way.

French Yellow Hutch | Tracey's Fancy

Fun Fresh Yellow Hutch

Please remember when you are painting true antique furniture….you must be prepared for bleed-through of tannins. I coated this entire piece in a coat of BOSS Primer in white to prevent this from happening.

French Yellow Hutch | Tracey's Fancy

I refer to the backdrop as a "shattered glass" design….

It is easily achieved by taping off triangular sections with long strips of intersecting painters tape. I then simply painted each sectioned-off triangle in a different shade of yellow.

French Yellow Hutch | Tracey's Fancy

This offers a fun and trendy backdrop for whatever is to be displayed without stealing the show!

The entire piece is finished off with Dixie Belle's Clear Coat in Satin.

I love it!!!

French Yellow Hutch | Tracey's Fancy

More Inspiration: Yellow Furniture Pieces

Yellow really is a stunning color and not one to be afraid on any photo below to see more of my yellow furniture designs.

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French yellow hutch | Tracey's Fancy
How to Painted a Shattered Glass Pattern Background on Furniture by Tracey's Fancy






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