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Stylish and Personalized: Get Your Own Custom Painted Denim Jacket for Men

My very first denim custom jacket painted for a man!

I wish I knew how many denim jackets I've painted to date. I am always so bad about keeping track of things like that. See my favorite custom painted denim jackets HERE!

I do know for certain that I've not yet painted a jacket for a man until this one!  

A special denim jacket moment...for a special one and only son-in-law...for his birthday!

Trevor is changing the world one song at a time with his recent focus on songwriting, composition, vocals and performances.  He's incredibly talented and I am so proud of him for stepping into his true calling...while still working full time and maintaining his super-dad status as well!  

custom denim jacket painted for men by Traceys Fancy


If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!


The Design Plan

I remembered Trevor saying not long ago that he would wear one of my custom hand painted denim I decided to test his word!  

I chose a hardy black denim jacket from The Gap.  

Incorporating his logo was very important to fact I wanted it to stand out.....yet be subtle.

Trevor and I both used to follow this young lady on Instagram that painted on steer skulls and we were always amazed at how she could paint what appeared to be tooled leather.  Her work was amazing!  I wasn't able to locate her for inspiration but I did find this photo of tooled leather and decided to try this look myself!  

Supplies Used: Men's Custom Painted Denim Jacket

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This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Men's Painted Denim Jacket: Faux Tooled Leather

Adding Trevor's Logo - Large and Bold

I began by drawing his logo with a chalk pencil and ruler.

Logo drawn on custom denim jacket painted for men by Traceys Fancy

I then tried to outline using my "go to" black sharpie...however the black sharpie trick that I always use didn't show on the black denim.  So I used a Posca Paint pen in yellow!

I wasn't sure if I'd be painting the letters so I left them in the natural black denim until I had the background done.

Painting a Background Color for the Tooled Leather Look

Using chalk mineral paint in Pine Cone, I painted in all the space around the logo letters.  I chose this color as it is a mid-tone caramel that would allow me to deepen or highlight easily as needed.  

I knew at this moment that I would NOT paint the logo letters.  I loved leaving it as negative space 

painted custom denim jacket with logo


How to Paint a Custom Denim Jacket

For a full step-by-step on the basics of painting denim you can check out several other of my denim jacket blogs listed below...

Or maybe you want to consider my denim painting course!


Creating the Faux Tooled Leather Design

Once dry I drew out the faux tooled leather design using chalk followed by sharpie marker.  

men's custom denim jacket painted with faux tooled leather drawing

With my design set in place I then chose Rusty Nail to begin painting in large portions of the faux tooled design.

painting faux tooled leather look on custom denim painted jacket by Traceys Fancy

I left areas of Pine Cone visible to my advantage as it worked as a highlight.  

I then used various shades of Caviar (black), Chocolate (brown) and Rusty Nail to begin deep shading.  

And finally, adding the last highlights using Drop Cloth (off white).

painting faux tooled leather look on custom denim painted jacket by Traceys Fancy

If you love this faux leather look, learn how to paint on actual leather with my painted cowboy boot project!

painted leather boots by Traceys Fancy

Bringing the Design to Life with Shadowing and Aging

Once completely dry, I used Caviar to create a very thin water wash.....and used this to age and shadow around the edges of the entire design.

This is where it really came to life for me!  I was instantly in love with the finish!

Creating a Leather-Like Finish

To set this look, I sanded with a fine grit sanding pad, brushed away the dust, and applied Best Dang Wax Clear in a circular motion using the Best Dang Wax brush

This gives the back of the jacket a leather-like feel.  So not only does it LOOK like FEELS like leather too!

painting faux tooled leather look on custom denim painted jacket by Traceys Fancy

The Finished Look

We gave this to Trevor for his birthday and I was so touched by his reaction.

He absolutely loves it!  

custom denim jacket painted for men by Traceys Fancy

He's worn it so many times already.....including for family photos and even to perform in!  

That makes my mama heart really happy! I hope it is something he will love for a really long time!  

If you'd like to order a custom painted jacket you can follow the link below. We can create something unique together!!


More Inspiration: Painted Denim (...and Canvas)

I have been painting on denim for years! ALL the denim...and canvas...that I can get my hands on. Here are more of my unique styles for your inspiration:

And don't forget...if you love this faux leather look, learn how to paint on actual leather with my painted cowboy boot project!

Click on any photo below for more up-close photos and all the design details


How can I help with YOUR Custom Denim project?

Paint Your Own Project

If you would like to paint your own denim/canvas project but would like more (video) instruction, I have a very detailed (and affordable) course, The Art of Painted Denim, that guides you through all the steps to create your own canvas/denim. This 1.5+ hour course gives you all the tricks and tips to make it look great and just as importantly make it LAST through the wash!

Allow ME to paint it for YOU!

I offer a variety of painted canvas & denim projects that I custom create for you! You provide the vision, we collaborate on the final look, and I create a beautiful lasting piece just for you! See all my painted denim/canvas offerings HERE...or just shoot me an email with your custom design ideas.


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custom denim jacket painted for men by Traceys Fancy

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