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My Favorite BRIGHT & Colorful Whimsical Furniture

Wonderland Vanity

Welcome to my happy place.....bright and bold colorful whimsical furniture!!! I mean....let's be completely honest here..... When a client says....."just do your thing".....I literally break a sweat! Yep....I'm that classy! I "pit out" with excitement and I'm proud of it! When I begin to layout the design on one of these pieces....or any of the pieces you see here in this blog round up.....I literally lose sleep. And once I begin the painting takes everything in me to step away for breaks. It's intense ya'll....intense and personal....LOL! Welcome to a mini-roundup of six of my favorite bright and bold painted furniture pieces to date! * This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

My Wonderland Vanity

Wonderland Vanity

I was honored to paint this piece for a pediatric physician from Florida! She originally ordered it for her office...but loved it so much she chose to use it in her dining room!!! She also has two of my mermaid chairs as head seating at each end of her dining room table! Now that is my kind of client...full on whimsy! She wanted a piece that reflected Alice in Wonderland without really "saying" it. So I chose the blue colors based on the traditional dress that Alice is known for wearing in the original color version of the storybook. The crazy and distorted pattern on the vanity surface depicts the Wonderland theme perfectly! It is a pattern I use often...and I'd love to show you how easy it is to create! Maybe we can do that together sometime in the near future! For now....hop on over to the blog here for more details and photos.

Tuxedo Stripes

Tuxedo Stripes

This little number was just an all around surprise for me! I was asked by Dixie Belle Paint Company to do a LIVE video using their product. I found the lovely little cabinet just days before the scheduled video...and went into the video with absolutely no idea where I was going with the design. I painted on camera.....designed on the fly.....and this was the result....and I LOVE IT!!! I offered the piece for sale online...and it sold within 24 hours! I really really loved it....I mean that periwinkle color???....and it looked so good in my office! I honestly wish I could have kept it! To watch the videos, see more photos and get information on products used.....follow this link here. to the full blog post.

Playful Dresser

Playful Dresser

This piece!!! I spent more time on this piece than any piece I've ever painted!!! And that is saying A LOT!!!! I painted it for my Virtual Assistant....and she is worth more than gold to I really put my heart into it! It's quirky...and playful....and bold....and funky....just like her! I like to call pieces with this overall design....."organized chaos" there is so much going on...yet it just works together beautifully! I share with you over on the full blog here.....the inspiration behind this piece. If you have not seen it before....go check it out!

Vibrant Dresser

Vibrant Dresser

If I had to choose ONE piece.....out of all my painted my favorite....this would be it. It really doesn't need an is just beauty and class and whimsy all rolled into one giant piece of a BARN! LOL! The memories that I hold of this particular photo session are treasured! Let me just husband is a saint! The harlequin pattern is one I use often on my whimsical furniture....and I really love using it with a tone-on-tone palette. For more insight into the design of this can read the full blog here.

My Circus Armoire

Circus Armoire

I have such fond memories of painting this piece. I was just beginning to dive into the ONLINE business at the time of this project. I remember the fear that I felt when first posting the photos of the completed piece. Fear that I would be scrutinized for pairing such unusual colors together. Fear that others wouldn't understand my love for bold whimsical furniture. Fear of rejection. I don't have those fears anymore. With each and every piece that I painted with my heart....I have gained confidence and strength! And that confidence and strength has attracted whimsical lovers like YOU! And with all of YOU in my camp......why on earth would I be afraid??? More beautiful photos and product details are in the full blog here.

Sunset Chest

Color blending on furniture has become so popular!! I have a history with color blending...but it was WAY back before I was using true chalk paint products. Let me just say....color blending with latex paints is NOT fun! So I sort of moved away from it. I am thankful for those painters who have brought it into light again....and inspired me to revisit. Blending with chalk paints is a breeze!!! And it is so much fun! I painted this bright and bold whimsical chest using a cobalt blue and a bright pink.....making my very own purple!!! I am in love with the result! This piece also sold within 24 hours of listing it as available!!! I give more insight into my design + what crazy thing inspired me in the full blog here.

My Fave Whimsical Furniture

So which one is your favorite?? Which one fits your style?? And which one would you paint for yourself!??! Click on the photo links to see each blog and to get all the details of the painted whimsical furniture pieces. I have been sure to list the Dixie Belle paint colors and other paint products to get the same look. Enjoy!

See you next week! XOXO, Tracey If you would like to paint your own furniture ....but lack confidence with where to start....I offer furniture design consultation!  Contact me here and we can get you started on your next project!

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