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Thrifted Decorative Box Makeover: Dixie Seed Co. Design Transfer

As an avid thrifter, I often come across items and objects that I 100% do NOT need.....but simply cannot pass up.....such as this adorable thrifted decorative box that just screamed for a home decor makeover! 

I am always drawn to furniture pieces and home decor that have "good bones".  

There is something about curvy shapes, cute boxes, and latches.....that scream "buy me"! 

So I do.... and they often sit on a shelf.... until I find just the right product or inspiration to upcycle them!  

thrifted decorative box makeover with dixie seed co design transfer by Traceys Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!


My Thrifted Little Find!

This particular box was in great shape.....but the color is not one that I use in my home. 

thrifted decorative box

So you know that means.....paint!

The brand new Dixie Seed Co. Design Transfer was the perfect shape....AND those colorful peonies!!!! 

thrifted decorative box with dixie seed co design transfer held in front

This thrifted box is about to get a makeover!

Supplies Used

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Thrifted Decorative Box Home Decor Makeover

Choosing Base Coat Colors for the Thrifted Decorative Box Makeover

I pulled my paint colors directly from the transfer.

thrifted decorative box  with products to be used for makeover

The background of the transfer went really well with I used this as a base coat.

I then used Drop Cloth as a base coat on the space directly where the transfer will go. 

painting a white base coat on thrifted decorative box

PRO TIP: This is not a necessity...however it does help your transfer to be ever so slightly brighter....which was important to me to keep the beautiful florals so vibrant.

Adding Dixie Seed Co Design Transfer to Thrifted Box

I measured and pre-cut the Dixie Seed Co Design Transfer to fit appropriately where the box would open.  

I then applied the transfer using the burnishing stick included in the transfer kit.

Time to "Blend In" the favorite part!

Now it's time to blend in the transfer so it does not look like a square sticker or postage stamp stuck to the front of the box.  

I love this part!

I used two colors, Drop Cloth and Burlap, and multiple brushes to stipple and blend the background of the transfer out to the outer edge of the box.

stippling end of design paper to blend by Traceys Fancy

Basically.....I am "faking it".....and tricking your eye into believing that the transfer originally covered the entire front....but you saw that it actually did not! 

finger pointing at finished edge of design transfer by Traceys Fancy

I continued this stippled look over the entire surface of the box.  

Adding some show-stopping eye-popping color to the thrifted box makeover

Now lets bring in the show stopping colors and one of my favorite combos!

two jars of chalk mineral paint sitting in front of decorative box

I painted the base and the top lid of the box in Peony.

Going a bit out of order with the stencil....just because I can!

I knew I was going to add stripes on the Peony but I decided to stencil using the Damask Stencil first.

The box was lacking something so I chose to try this before adding my stripe... just because.

I used Pine Cone (pulling from the dark color of that label on the transfer) and stippled it through the Damask Stencil over all of the beige body of the box.  

hand holding pine cone chalk mineral paint over stencil

It is just what it needed!

I forgot to grab a photo at this point so here is a finished shot to show the damask stencil.

thrifted decorative box makeover with dixie seed co design transfer by Traceys Fancy

I love it....and can now move on!  

More Stenciled Projects...

And NOW the Stripes

Using a 1" flat brush, I free handed without tape (again...just because) the red stripes on both the base and the box lid.  

Adding a Bouquet to the Lid and a Quick Touch of Gold

And finally, I utilized the many single floral options that are on the other two sheets in the transfer kit to add a small bouquet of peonies to the top lid surrounding the handle.  

A quick rub of Gold Gilding Wax onto the handle and latch of the box to brighten up the overall look.....and we can call it done!

thrifted decorative box makeover with dixie seed co design transfer by Traceys Fancy

Important: Don't Forget the Top Coat

The entire piece, including the transfer, is sealed for protection in Top Coat Satin.

thrifted decorative box makeover with dixie seed co design transfer by Traceys Fancy

PRO TIP: It is important to note that design transfers must be sealed or they will not last! Once sealed, they have great lasting durability! 

The Finished Look: Thrifted Decorative Box Makeover

I cannot wait to prop open that lid...set a glass vase inside...and fill this with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers this summer!!!

thrifted decorative box makeover with dixie seed co design transfer by Traceys Fancy

Keep your eye open when you are thrifting or on clearance aisles of your big box stores.

Look for items that have personality and good bones.

Don't get stuck on or be turned off by the color....because anything can be painted!

thrifted decorative box makeover with dixie seed co design transfer by Traceys Fancy

More Inspiration:

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Thrifted Decorative Box Makeover with Dixie Seed Co Design Transfer by Traceys Fancy

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