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Standing Jewelry Armoire Makeover: Giraffe Stenciling and Tone-On-Tone Finish

Who remembers the flocked wallpaper from the 70's? I believe this type of wallpaper is responsible for my love of red! Our guest bathroom in my childhood home had red flocked wall paper and a candy cane striped shower curtain with ball fringe!!

The flocked damask, with its tone-on-tone finish, that color shifted depending on how the light hit it was mesmerizing to me.

Today's project is not red and it isn't damask but it is a tone-on-tone standing jewelry armoire makeover and could certainly be red damask if you wanted it to be!

Jewelry Armoire Makeover by Traceys Fancy with giraffe stenciling and tone-on-tone finish

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!

Watch this week's Jewelry Armoire Makeover YouTube video.

Please watch my YouTube video showing in more detail how I used a tone-on-tone finish and a giraffe patterned stencil to update this dark and dated jewelry armoire. And leave a comment telling me what you think!!

The Design Plan - Giraffe Stencils & Tone-on-Tone

It's been awhile since I've painted a standing jewelry armoire and this little beauty was a piece from my recent paint retreat.

My oldest daughter Hailey was able to attend for just one night and this was her piece.

She was able to prep, prime and base coat it, and I agreed to bring it home and finish it for her.

This will be used in Harlow's room (my six year old granddaughter). The colors used on this armoire were chosen to compliment the Marilyn headboard that you love so much in her room!

The base coat Hailey chose was Soft Pink. However, the headboard is Tea Rose which is more of a dusty pink. So this is where the tone-on-tone comes into play.

Supplies Used

Painters Tape

Craft Brushes

This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Creating a Classy Subtle Finish with Tone-on-Tone

It's a really simple process with a classy subtle finish:

1. Apply a flat top coat

The first step is to apply a flat top coat over your base coat to set and seal this color.

Jewelry Armoire Makeover by Traceys Fancy - soft pink base coat

2. Choose your stencil - Giraffe maybe?

I chose this Safari Stencil and used the giraffe portion.

3. Choose your secondary tone-on-tone paint color

Choose a paint color that is similar to the one you have base coated with OR you may do one of the following:

a. use a satin or gloss top coat with the stencil to add a different "sheen" over the "flat" chalk paint sheen. This is especially effective on dark colors.

b. mix your own shade by adding a small amount of white or black to your original base coat color...stir well....and apply with the stencil (this is what I did for this project).

I was out of Tea Rose so I simply mixed Soft Pink with a small amount of Mud Puddle to achieve a new shade.

Jewelry Armoire Makeover by Traceys Fancy whimsical accents

4. Apply the new shade of paint (or clear top coat) with your chosen stencil.

I applied the newly mixed shade to the front and sides of this little chest and achieved this effect....which I LOVE!

In order to soften the edges of the stencil as well as the boxy shape of the armoire, I chose to shadow (or low light) the outer edges as well as around that center panel.

I simply brushed on the newly mixed dusty pink color around all the edges using a small craft brush. I then immediately used the French Tip blending brush that had been lightly spritzed with water to blend out this added paint.

This is very easy to do. Just move your brush back and forth almost in a circular motion to blend it out so there is no definitive hard line. It blurs that color into the surrounding colors. You can see here where one side has been blended and the other side is left raw. It is a very subtle touch but really makes a big difference.

This process is taught in further detail in my checks & color blending tutorial.

More Inspiration: Jewelry Armoires

I have been painting jewelry armoires for years! Here are more of my unique styles for your inspiration:

Adding Black & White Whimsical Contrast

I was asked specifically to add a black and white pattern so what better place than to the applique and raised element on the front!

I measured, taped and painted elongated stripes using Caviar and Fluff for this very powerful and dressy addition!

It was a last minute decision to add the black and white stripes to the upper and lower trim but I feel it really balances out the design and gives the dainty chest some much needed weight.

Jewelry Armoire Makeover by Traceys Fancy with giraffe stenciling

Adding a Pop of Gold

And finally.....the gold feet!!!

My eye was drawn to the very boring almost forgotten about feet until I finally decided to tape them off and add this child like gold sock! Okay, not really a sock, but a whimsical and playful metallic addition that I see as the final chefs kiss with Posh Chalk pigment in Pale Gold!

Jewelry Armoire Makeover by Traceys Fancy with giraffe stenciling

The Finished Tone-on-Tone Giraffe-Stenciled Furniture Look

Finished off with a few thin coats of Top Coat in Satin and she's ready to go!

Jewelry Armoire Makeover by Traceys Fancy with giraffe stenciling and tone-on-tone style

This little chest now has a personality of its own!!

I hope it is everything Hailey imagined for Harlow and watching her fill it with her cherished jewelry pieces was priceless....and trust me....she has A LOT! And I just couldn't resist, I added this adorable matching tooth fairy box!

More Inspiration: Painted Jewelry Armoires

Ready to try painting your own thrift store jewelry armoire find? I have been painting jewelry armoires for years! Here are some additional designs for your inspiration:

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Jewelry Armoire Makeover by Traceys Fancy with giraffe stenciling and tone-on-tone style

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