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Shades of Green: A Nature-Inspired Jewelry Armoire Makeover

Every once in awhile I like to challenge myself to use colors that I don't use very often!

Welcome to my maximalist nature-inspired jewelry armoire "shades of green" color challenge!

I dressed up this VERY plain jewelry armoire using shades of green only - except for a tiny pop of hidden #fancy that just couldn't be helped!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!

So Many Techniques Covered on this Project!

I drew from my entire arsenal of product on this project!

In this blog I will discuss:

Before: Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire Makeover

You know things are rough when your husband says something! Matt took one look at this jewelry box when I got it home and said...."whoa, that's an ugly one". LOL!

Not for long, this!

Supplies Used

Variety of Molds

Variety of Stamps

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This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire

I taught the entire process over several live classes in Curiously Creative.

I will cover the basics of the steps with you here but if you'd prefer a more in depth lesson, you can join Curiously Creative at any time and the ALL of my classes are there for you!

Prep and Prime

After removing the tiny knobs and screws, I gave the piece a thorough cleaning and rinse with White Lightning.

Using Boss Primer in gray, I covered the entire piece in a single coat and let dry.

I also used this time to choose my color palette.

It was at this point that I decided to challenge myself to shades of a single color....and I chose GREENS.

Painting the Base Color

I always recommend 3 colors for a paint project unless you are wanting just a single color finish. When you use three colors it allows you to have a highlight (your lightest color), a mid-tone (your middle shade) and a low light (your deepest color).

For this project I chose 5 shades of green just to be used when painting the molds.

My plan was to paint the entire piece in the mid-tone color (I always recommend the mid-tone coverage first).....which in this case is Cactus.

PRO TIP: Once the entire piece is covered in a single color, it really helps me to have a better vision of where I want to go from there.

Stamping the Background

I wanted to add multiple layers to this piece and I haven't used my stamp collection in awhile. I have both IOD and REdesign with Prima brands.

Stamps make a great background when used in a neutral or subtle color.

I chose to use the deepest green, Collard Greens.

I simply lay the stamps down on a flat surface, rough side up, and apply my paint with a roller, brayer, or blue sponge.

The trick to a successful stamp is:

  1. apply very little paint to the stamp

  2. do not press hard when applying the paint to the stamp as you only want paint on the most raised portion

  3. press the stamp gently to the furniture being careful not to add too much pressure

  4. lift the stamp away all at once being careful not to allow it to slip

Stamps provide so much detail!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy stamping up close

Applying the Transfers

I used pieces from multiple Dixie Belle Paint Company transfers.

I chose transfers that had leaves and butterflies that I could use to add yet another layer to my nature piece.

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy

If you've never worked with transfers before, I have a many blogs telling step by step how to do so. Here's one of my favorites and I have a wonderful video showing exactly how to apply the transfers HERE!

Pouring the molds

I use Amazing Casting Resin. It is very easy to use and comes with clear directions.

You basically mix Part A with Part B, stir really well before pouring into your desired mold.

It cures within 10 minutes and is ready to use.

Applying the molds

I painted all molds with a single coat of Cactus.

NOTE: You can skip this step if you choose to adhere your molds to your piece prior to painting it and then paint it all at the same time.

I used both WoodUBend molds and the molds that I made.

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy floral molds up close

I simply decide where I want to use them, apply glue, and press into place.

I use Triple Thick Fast Acting glue to apply both the casted resin molds as well as the WoodUBend molds.

PRO TIP: I tend to save my WoodUBend molds for any area that is curved or has a corner, as they are bendable when heated, making them perfect for these areas.

PRO TIP: The WoodUBend do not need to be taped into place. You pre-heat, apply glue, press into place again and they are STUCK! The resin molds need a bit more time to adhere so I often tape them into place for a bit until they feel secure.

Painting the Nature Inspired Details

Now to paint these pretty bouquets of flowers!

This is where ALL the colors come in! This process should feel free and fun! Any colors make sense!

 Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy floral molds up close

A rose does not have to be red or pink. A rose can be green and gray with hints of blue! I had so much fun painting the flowers and leaves!

Choose small brushes that will allow you to really work on detail and shading.

Use your deep colors for shadows and your lightest colors for highlights. I LOVE using Limeade and Vintage Duck Egg for highlights!

PRO TIP: Don't forget to shadow and paint AROUND your mold as well. Just make sure to blend it out really well using a blending brush. This will keep your mold for looking like a sticker! The shadowing around it helps it to become part of the overall design.

Applying Gold Leaf

I chose Dixie Belle's new Stick with Me and Dixie Shine to enhance the tiny little knobs AND to bring out the numbers on the drawers!

Simply apply the very sticky Stick with Me to any area you'd like to add your metallic leafing and wait about 30 minutes to allow it to "come to tack".

Then just lay the Dixie Shine sheet over it (shiny side up), rub gently, and lift!

This was really fun to do over the numbers. It was the perfect addition!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy gold leaf up close

Adding Decoupage to Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire

I chose to add the Lovely Sonnet Decoupage paper to the sides of the jewelry armoire drawers.

I couldn't stop thinking about the gorgeous roses on it while I was working with so many other roses.

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy decoupage dressers and stripes

It is the ONLY pop of bold color on the entire piece.....and I love it!

Decoupage is so easy and makes such a difference.

Simply apply Satin Top Coat to your surface, lay down your paper of choice, apply top coat again, smooth out and done!

And lastly...Stripes!

I just couldn't help myself! The inside of these side doors was the perfect place to add my black and white stripes!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy stripes

Silk White Cap and Silk Anchor offered a flawless stripe finish using my tried and true stripe technique!

Paint, tape, burnish, paint, remove while wet!

"How To" Blogs for More Detailed Instruction:

I have created hundreds of pieces uses all of the different methods discussed above. Here are some blogs with more detailed instruction...or search on my website for any of these topics for many many more inspirational pieces.

More Inspiration: Jewelry Armoires

I have been painting jewelry armoires for years! Here are more of my unique styles for your inspiration:

The Finished Look: Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire

I can now call this crazy maximalist nature inspired green challenge jewelry armoire DONE!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy decoupage dressers and many molds

Remember, I did not do this in a day. I allowed myself several weeks to work on this at a slow pace.

Keep this in mind when planning to create your own project that uses many different processes, techniques and products!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy decoupage dressers and stripes

Allowing yourself more time than usual will allow you to find the joy in the process and that is so very important!

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Nature Inspired Jewelry Armoire by Traceys Fancy

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