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Top TEN Favorite Projects of 2023: A Year in Review

Are you ready to take a peek at my top TEN favorite projects of 2023??

This blog post is a celebration of artistic diversity...featuring everything from whimsical apothecary jars to bold hand-painted furniture to emotionally-charged canvas art that stole my heart.

Don't miss the chance to discover the eclectic mix of creativity and imagination that defines my top ten projects of 2023!

I'm honored to share with you my favorite projects from this past year!


This whimsical set of apothecary jars quickly became a staple in both my home decor and as a prop in my business photos.....just check out my Instagram and you will see them often! 

Not only were they fun to paint...they are also fun to fill! 

I use them as candy dishes and the family counts on them being full at all times.  I find them to be very versatile and a great way to welcome guest into the home! 

Apothecary Jars by Traceys Fancy


It means the world to me that this blog....and these two paintings...spoke to so many of you! 

Not only were you moved by the images on the canvas but the message of breaking through the fear of a blank canvas worked!  This type of art is similar to journaling on paper and it really opens up the soul and sets it free to create! 

I will forever remember painting both the butterfly and the anatomical heart....and I look forward to more emotion filled canvas art in 2024!

Anatomical Heart and Butterfly canvas art by Traceys Fancy


Oh how I loved this vanity! 

The gorgeous curve of the body and the long dainty almost fragile legs led me down a very romantic and feminine creative journey. 

This piece allowed me to slow down and really focus on very special details. 

Years ago this shape was easy to find...but with the growth in the furniture art industry....the kidney shaped vanities are have become quite rare...making this opportunity even more special!

Romantic Rose Decoupage Vanity by Traceys Fancy


Well this was a fun one!  It holds so many memories for me that are very special! 

I created this piece with an audience of 35 beautiful friends watching at my 2023 Riverside Paint Camp

It was such an incredible honor!  And the piece itself is now in the home of a dear friend...which makes me really happy!  

tone on tone whimsical turquoise china hutch by Traceys Fancy


Wow!  This was an art piece that took me by total surprise! 

It is the perfect example of how important it is to remain "open" while very often the finished creation is nothing like you intend it to be.....but even better!!! 

That happened here and I am so incredibly humbled to have been a vessel for a very special message.  This piece sold before I even made it it spoke directly to the heart of one of my dear online friends!  

Heavenly Angelic Decoupage Headboard by Traceys Fancy


I never expected to like this themed table as much as I do! 

I love design transfers but not really placed randomly as they are here. But for some works....and the smoky finish, the deep red and the sexy stripes just turned this piece into a full blown theatrical performance! 

When a piece takes on this much personality, it has to make my top 10 list!

reds are red end table by Traceys Fancy


I mean.....need I explain why this made my  2023 favorite list? 

I fell in love with this mini-armoire before I even made the fist paint stroke! 

I LOVE this design transfer so much....and these dreamy colors are my love's a fave! 

Gilded Age Design Transfer Armoire


This side table made the list for two reasons:

My son FINALLY returned home from Japan and wanted to paint with me....and this was his first painted furniture piece ever!

I sometimes really love a simple one color piece.....and this Antebellum Blue on the French Provincial piece are magic!

Antebellum Blue Nightstand by Traceys Fancy


Any project that I get to do with both my husband AND my teen a favorite in my book! 

AND...its such an honor to be asked by other companies to try their products!  This company was so much fun to work with and their product is top notch! 

It made such a difference in Zadie's room! 

Oddly enough...she asked for doors we have since built sliding modern style barn doors that I can't wait to share with you in a blog very soon!  

Upgrade Closet Project by Traceys Fancy


This nightstand made the list because a bold pink and smoky black are pure power! 

Furniture painting projects do NOT need to be large scale to make a difference! 

You can achieve a bold and powerful look simply by using colors that play well together!  

Plum Crazy Color Blend Nightstand by Traceys Fancy


My Favorite Projects of 2023...

I have enjoyed this trip through a year's worth of find my favorites.

So tell me in the you have a favorite from 2023?

I encourage you click on any photo below to look more closely at the ones that speak to you. And here's to many more inspiring projects in 2024!


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10 Favorite Projects from 2023 by Traceys Fancy

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